My LAST ever Uni Hill FO Blogger Ambassador Post

Well this is a very late post and there is a reason behind that, I was just about to go away on holiday when these vouchers arrived and then I got inundated with things to do and get together before our holiday and this post was put on the back burner… Well everything that was not holiday related was completely forgot about and put to rest until I returned to be honest! 

But this is sadly *sniffles * my last post for Uni Hill FO as the three months has zoomed on by and come to an end. Hopefully there will be another opportunity down the road to work with them again.

This time around I was give 2x $50 vouchers and my aim was to get the best pieces I could for a great price and take the pieces away with me on holiday. I did not try and get as many items as I could for my money, although I was surprised at how many bargains I also picked up. The two vouchers were:
$50 for Factorie
$50 for Jeanswest

When I first stepped into factorie there was a huge sign up saying nothing in store was over $20 and they were right!! The amount of bargains that were to be picked up here was phenomenal. My intentions were to get like 2 $25 dollar products rather then a whole heap of junk, or even a $50 piece.

This nearly knocked me off my feet when I saw it on the rack, it is a super cool white and pink Ramones top for $10- Now this is the best singlet I have ever owned in my life and would have never thought about going to find Ramones gear in Factorie, this by far will be worn more then I can count on my ten toes and fingers in Queensland!! I LOVE IT!!

A white and fluro yellow singlet top for $15

A black Florence and the Machines singlet $5

A whole heap of super cute accessories that were $1-$5 each!

So it turns out I walked in there with good intentions and walked out with a shopping bag full of awesome bargains.

Ok so I knew I could not get these kind of deals at Jeanswest but from previous experiences they take a massive chunk off the price in the outlet and your always going to find something.

That something for me was a black strapless maxi dress with a build in bra. My favourite black maxi got a tear in the bottom, and I was devastated as it is such a great thing to have to dress either up or down.
The thing that made me fall in love with this more then my old one is the detail it had around the strapless part and how well the dress actually held me up. Being a size E not many strapless items suit my body (or support it!!)  The maxi set me back only $20 and would have been the best $20 spent all day by far.

I also picked up a really cool cardi from the extra 50% off part. All I paid for this was a measly $25 , and this was seriously the only cardi I packed for QLD and lived it in whenever we went to the beach at night and the breeze was a bit chilly!

The last item I found was an absolute bargain and was just a cheap little $50 strapless dress in a bright orange shade. I lived in this on the beach during the day and it was quite sad when it needed to go in the wash and I knew I would have to find a substitute for the beach that day.

Well this was my huge Uni Hill FO Haul J But I will be returning there very shortly to take a huge dint out of the Xmas shopping list, until then bye bye Uni Hill FO L -- Withdrawals already from no longer being a blogger ambassador! (not sure I can pull the badge down from my blog just yet!!)