Scholastic Christmas Reads for Kids

Christmas Reads for Kids
Thanks to Scholastic

I have gathered my favourite new release reads from Scholastic and compiled them in a list to share with you. I believe Christmas books are a great way to better help your child to understand the meaning of Christmas and also just to bond with your child.

Reading in general is great to do with your child, as they will learn what letters look like, then even words, they will also learn new words that are not in the vocabulary. It is important to allow your child to ask questions, so if you are halfway through a sentence and your child interrupts don’t cut them off as the chances are they have a great learning question for you.

Ok so here are a few books that I have found that are great reads with beautiful images (as always with Scholastic.)

My Merry Christmas- Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley

This is a storybook about how wild animals celebrate Christmas and share the joys of the festive season together. 
The first thing I love with this book is the pages are not overwhelmed by words and only had a sentence to each double page. 
The story itself is very short and great for those younger children with a short attention span. The images go into great detail so with not many words on each page there is more time to talk about the images with your child.

Blossom Possum and the Christmas Quacker
Gina Newton and Christina Booth

First impressions really last and looking at the front cover of this book you will notice it has an Aussie feel to it with a possum and a Santa on his sleigh being pulled by kangaroos instead of reindeers.
This is super cute and a real play with words, our Aussie version of Santa Clause is of course none other then Koala Claws.
You will not find any snow in this book, after all our Aussie Christmas’ never have any sign of snow and is usually really hot with a warm shower or two.
The story is about all Koala Claws’ Aussie buddies helping him with all things Christmas while also trying their hardest to wake Mr. Claws up so he can get himself ready for Christmas.  You will be very surprise as to how they wake him up- I don’t want to give away too much. 
The drawings are amazing in this book and this one is probably my favourite of the lot.

My Christmas Crackers- Bronwen Davies

Now this one is far from a story-book and is a book full of giggles; this is of course a Little Ones Christmas Joke book.
This book reminds me of something I would have received from my Aunty at Christmas time as she was always about books and of course making us smile.
My girls both love this book as it has a sentence on each page but is 23 pages long, which means they think they will get a lot longer awake time when really it is only an extra 5 minutes or so haha.
There are amazing images on each page and hardly any bare page (except for the snow and tiny white details.)
Here is one of the jokes that can be found in the book:
Who’s the most famous of Santa’s helpers?

We Wish You A Ripper Christmas (includes CD)
Colin Buchanan and Roland Harvey

Gosh I love my Australian Christmas stories as they are unique to our country and don’t contain snow or anything like that, and is something us Aussies can relate to at Christmas. This book here is very much a true Aussie Christmas Story set in the outback somewhere that you can sing along to. It is an Aussie take on We Wish You a Merry Christmas and even has a CD that you can sing along to- I love it!!
The paintings on each page are super cute and some of them even make you giggle. My girls love this book and always ask me to read it to them when they have a spare moment.  This is right up there with my favourite Christmas Reads also.

Where’s Santa- Louis Shea

This book Hayley has claimed as hers and lives in the car for those long car trips that she gets easily bored on. It is a Christmas spot the Santa book, very much like our loved Where’s Wally books except you need to find Santa and friends not Wally.
There are over 600 things to spot in this book so will keep the kids entertained and busy for ours, if not days.
I actually tried to find Santa in this book and in some of the pages he is quite tricky to spot, my daughter has had this book for 2 months now and is still trying to find all the things in there.
Great gift for those older kids you don’t know what to buy.

A Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Christmas
Mark Macleod & May Gibbs

Since a child I have loved Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and even remember getting dressed up as cuddlepie for a dress-up day we had at my primary school, and I won best dressed out of the entire school.
So I was excited to share this with the girls and pass my love of these two gumnut babies on to my girls.
The images are so well done, and you wouldn’t expect anything other then perfect being drawn by May Gibbs- she is the original gumnut baby illustrator and is no long with us.
This story is about the gumnut babies preparing for Christmas and counting down the days until it arrived (it reminded me tad of the girls on how excited they get for Christmas.)

So there it is guys, my pics on some awesome, super cute reads for Christmas or even perfect children’s gifts for Christmas. I have purchased a Christmas book for my daughter’s Kris Kringle.