Tried & Tested: Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

You know that label women are given when they have a load of makeup on and look just terrible… Yup you guessed it, CAKE-FACE.
I know I would hate to be labeled a cake-face and I am sure any sane girl/lady out there would hate it to. I always try and achieve a natural look when going out, unless it is formal and they a lot more eye makeup is applied-but never more foundation.

Luckily Rimmel have created a product that completely cuts the cake!
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation $14.95
New Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation boasts a weightless, cakeless texture that blends easily and evenly for a natural, shine-free finish. extra-lightweight mattifying powders plus next-generation gel emulsifiers ensure your complexion feels fresh and stays matte all day long.
Pet hate is seeing girls walking around with a mask of makeup that does not look natural at all and really doesn’t blend into the skin nicely.
I have used Matte foundation before but found my skin just looked dry and a few hours in the foundation itself dried up and looked flakey.  Well I can happily say this was not the case with the Stay Matte Liquid Foundation, and stay matte it did. I LOVE how this foundation works and I also love how in-expensive it is- tellin ya’ now it aint gunna break the bank sister!!
Wonderfully weightless, fabulously fresh, Rimmel’s Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation takes shine control to the next level – a million miles from the mask effect associated with traditional matte foundations. Its airy lightweight mousse texture, incorporating state-of-the-art gel emulsifiers, simply glides over the skin, blending seamlessly and evenly. Simultaneously, it contains extra-lightweight mattifying powders to create a flawless, silken, shine-free finish.
I love Rimmel’s new look packaging with this one to, the colours are new and really catch your eyes. But this tube also will not take up all the space in your makeup case as it is quite compact compared to a lot of their other foundation bottles/tubes.
And the face of the latest Global Rimmel Advertising Campaign is none other then Georgia May Jagger’s. And if my skin will look as flawless I am willing to give it a shot (major babe!) Well I did not look anything like the amazing Georgia, but my skin was very matte and looked great. I think when I go out and buy this one though I will be getting a different shade.
Available from October 2013 from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Target, Kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths. For stockists please call 1800 812 663.
** I was in no way paid to make this post but was sent the product. This review is completely my opinion and each to their own. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences though, and would be more then happy to send your feedback back to Rimmel.