Dreambaby Mummysavers

When kids come into your life and home a lot of things change. And one of the main things I noticed when I had children is how much of my things I needed to get rid of and also how I had to childproof the home and make it a safe place for them. Not only does it ensure the kids are safe it is also a great piece of mind for us parents/grandparents/carers.
Thankfully to help me do this I had Dreambaby in my life along with a few other international children care products.

Recently Dreambaby asked me if I would like to review some of their newer products to which I jumped straight onto as it is a brand I love and trust.
The products they sent me were not only to keep my house safe but also to make life as a mum a tiny bit easier and more convenient.
So the two products I was sent that I loved was:

RRP $6.95
The NEW Dreambaby Stroller Clips (2 pack) are a convenient way to attach bags to your stroller, perfect for taking the hard work out of carrying shopping, nappy bags and handbags. So small, yet so helpful!
Ø Made from sturdy materials.
Ø Lightweight and versatile. Easily used with one hand.
Ø Alleviates foraging around under the pram or stroller for the things you need!
Oh, I don’t know why these did not come into my life earlier. It is so good to be able to go shopping and not have to make multiple trips back to the car, or to try and juggle the bags and push a pram and make sure the kids stay near me.
My partner broke our brake lever on the pram because he thought it would be smart one shopping trip to hang bags on there L It is fair to say he approves of these clips to.
They are small and take up no space at all but can take quite a bit of weight. You just have to be careful not to stack to many bags on as it will weigh down the back of your pram and possibly tip the pram.

RRP $2.95 for a 24 pack
The NEW Dreambaby Butterfly Outlet Plugs are another small but invaluable safety product, keeping children safe from potential electric shocks! Simple insert the Dreambaby Butterfly Outlet Plugs into all unused power outlets to prevent curious toddlers from inserting foreign objects into the source of dangerous electrical currents!
These are cheapest and yet one of the best safety products in my home. I know how tempting it may be to a child to try and stick things in a powerpoint and a year or so ago I saw my 4year old talking to it as she said it looked like an alien face. So this did worry me but luckily it never went any further then talking to them. Now that my 2 year old has found her legs and is learning to explore new and wonderful things, I have the feeling that she would take things further with the plug points so it came at great timing this product.
I think it is cute that they block the plugs and don’t allow the children to easily pull them off but still look pretty and SAFE!
Hayley much prefers talking to the butterflies then the alien that is for sure haha.
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