Facials without the Fuss

Now I love me a good at home facial, as they are just so much easier and convenient when you become a mummy. I know before my Mummy days I used to love getting a facial as well as brow wax and nails done but now I barely get the chance to head out to the salon for a mani or pedi.
 Essenzza Fuss Free Facials have given me the opportunity to try their products and the first thing I noticed is how mess free my experience was!
The super soft mask that goes over your face is made from Japanese silk making it feel like the whole time I had a cloud sitting on my face. And then when I took the actual mask off my face it was actually left feeling like silk. The only thing was the cutouts in these masks did not fit my face very well as you can see in the picture, but I made them work for me and relaxing on the couch has never felt better.
When it comes that time of the month for me I find my skin breaks-out and doesn’t like me very much for just over a week. So I tend to soak in a bath to relax my stomach and then have a mask sitting on my face to help relax and stimulate my pores.  I left the cloth masks on my face for 20minutes then jumped out of the bath and rinsed myself and my face off in the shower, it really is that simple.
Essenzza Fuss Free Facials RRP- 14.95 for a box that contains 3 masks.
Comes in three varieties – Moisturise & Smooth (carrot seed and coconut oil), Anti-Ageing & Antioxidant (Moroccan Argan Oil and vitamin C) and Cleanse & Exfoliate (citrus and pineapple enzymes)
•   No sulphates, no harsh preservatives and paraben-free
Essenzza Fuss Free Facials are available at leading pharmacies and online atwww.essenzzahealth.com