Ok so creepy crawlies really get under my skin and I hate seeing them around, they literally make my skin crawl. I am one of them mummies that if I see a spider I will go running to the nearest chair and stand on it screaming until that bugger is taken out- nine times out of 10 it is my 5yo daughter who comes and stomps on it.
I hate having to spray fly spray though from the can as I feel like I am suffocating and who knows what my family and I are actually breathing in.. if it can kill an insect then surely it cannot be good to breath in.
So when I was approached by a natural pest control I was willing to bring it on with open arms (especially with the hotter weather coming our way!)

RRP $19.95     
Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer from Natrapest is the must have new domestic pest control product for use in every Australian home.  A natural insect killer - pyrethrins free - designed to defend your home from nasty, crawling insects, Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer also safeguards your family from harsh and toxic chemicals used in all other products. 
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer is non-hazardous and is made from edible plant extract and water with its active ingredient, d-limonene (steam-distilled orange peel) breaking down the waxy coating of insects essentially suffocating them. 
Killing on contact, Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer works best when sprayed inside cracks and crevices or where the surface is absorbent. 
All Natural – Safe for Families and Pets – Environmentally Friendly – Kills on Contact
There is no way known I would spray this around the kids if it were not completely safe. And now with us on the market for a rescue pup we don’t want to put it in any danger or poison the poor baby! So it is great to know that Orange Guard is completely safe around children and pets, all ingredients in Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer meet the Food and Drug Administration GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) food grade standard.  D-limonene is an approved food additive and is often found in foods, air fresheners and pet shampoos. 
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Ideal for food preparation surfaces, Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer leaves a pleasant citrus scent, is biodegradable and comes in recyclable packaging. 
Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute.   

Orange Guard Natural Insect Killer is available at stockists nationally