My Magnificent Marquise Muslin's

Being a Mummy comes with its perks and then there is the not-so-pretty side of being a mum... Poop explosions, vomitrons, sleepless nights and that is just to name a few. So every mother needs that product or item that they would recommend to any mother that makes life as a Mummy that tiny bit easier.

For me that item/product is a muslin wrap of good quality that will keep as long as your child is a baby and even beyond that. A good quality Muslin wrap that can take vomits over and over, while also copping the full force of a poo explosion while being used as a protector is the kind you need. For me this is the shield for any mother to protect her belongs as well as herself from a lot of mess.

So I bring to you today a fabulous quality wrap that every mother should try out. I think if there ever was one my child is very much a Marquise girl and hopefully there will soon be a little man in my life that can try the boys side of Marquise.

 Marquise Muslin Wraps
With a fully-finished hemline, these wraps feature in the signature beach side and polka dot prints from the summer collection.

Expanding their baby offering, the muslin wraps are delicate, durable and made from 100% cotton. They make for perfect baby shower gifts and of course to stock up on before bubs comes along. I think if you have 3 good muslin wraps that would be more then enough.

So muslin wraps in general came in, and still come in handy with the kids and I.

When I gave birth to my eldest it was September, so quite cold and was not able to use these as wraps but instead they got quite a few uses.

I would use them for laying on the mat for nappy changes, sheets for the bassinet, burping cloths and even a cloth to cover me as I breastfed giving me a little more privacy.

Here is the material up close so you can see the pattern and material quality.

When Madison was born though I did use them as a wrap and even on the pram to cover her from the harsh sun on her newbie skin. Madison was born in July so it was not Summer but there were hotter, sunny days.

I love muslin wraps and they are so heavy duty and can be used for years after being bought.

I used to buy muslin wraps from Big-w or k-mart but now after seeing Marquise’s quality I will only be buying from them (hopefully with more blue tones hehe.)