Tried and Tested- resparkle nursery cleaner

I don’t know if it is something in the air or what, but there is something about Spring that just puts me into a cleaning mood. Sometimes I cannot be bothered but when I start oh lord there is no stopping me; every single germ must be banished from my home!!
A few years ago I was diagnosed with a mild obsessive compulsive disorder. For me I will not sit on a toilet seat that is not my own, even at mums I will put a lining of toilet paper down and I will not go to a public toilet unless I really have to and when I do my bottom goes nowhere near that bowl! Or in the kitchen it is things like wiping down the benches and then spraying them with glen 20 to make sure the germs are done. And if I cook with chicken I put baking paper down on the bench and make sure nothing is contaminated… It is weird little things and to some it may seem strange but to me it is an every day part of life and seems to be getting worse as I get older.
So with having OCD I find I go through sooo many cleaning products and the cleaning isle in the super market is my favourite place to be. So when Resparkle contacted me to see if I would give one of their childrens products a go I was more then happy to give it a shot.
I love my natural products and also leaving a positive footprint on the eco-system.
Australian households can now spend around 20%* less with Resparkle’s first-to-market certified organic cleaning product range based on a reusable bottle and refill pod system.
Consisting of an organic bathroom and glass cleaner, organic nursery, toy and everyday cleaner as well as an organic kitchen and multi-surface cleaner, all Resparkle products boast this revolutionary dual system that comprises an 80% reusable 500ml bottle and 70ml refill pod, which is patent protected.

A gentle all-rounder that lends a firm but gentle cleaning hand to just about any surface from walls to toys, highchairs to furniture to remove sticky residue, stains and bacteria. Perfect for everyday use around the home due to is anti-bacterial, gentle non-toxic formula.
1% of every sale of Organic Nursery, Toy & Everyday Cleaner goes to a child in need supporting the non-profit organisation “I Give A Buck”.
This is the product I was sent to try and I am a freak when it comes to germs on the girls toys and things they play with and touch. Lets say one of the girls comes home with a sneeze or sniffle I follow them around with the glen 20 and always make sure they cover their mouth and wash their hands.
So making sure their things are clean and sanitized play a big role in being a Mum with me. I love that I can use this product SAFELY on Madison’s highchair without having to wipe it down with something else to make sure the chemicals are off. The smell is not strong and thankfully it has no nasty chemical smell.
For every sale of the Organic Nursery, Toy and Everyday Cleaner, Resparkle pledges 1% to “I Give A Buck”, a non-profit organisation that directly extends help to children around Australia that are seriously ill or live with disabilities. Founded by Barb Blashki with the vision to unite a community to ensure disadvantaged or terminally ill children in Australia may live with dignity, good health and happiness.  
Resparkle also pledges a part of every sale to helping people in Ethiopia to have access to clean water through the Well Wishers Trust
·       All 500ml bottles : $6.35
·       All Refill Pods with Cleaning Concentrate : $4.35
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