What's next?

Ok so I feel a HUGE vent coming on..

Last night something happened to my sister, which I will not go into details about as it is her private business. But it got me thinking… What on Earth is going to happen to my girls when they become a legal age and start going out.
Now I know sometimes it is the group of friends they hang out with but nine times out of ten it is the people around them that cannot hold their alcohol and causes trouble and a lot of harm around them.

Not only does this happen when you go out it happens at school, and the students causing the harm and just down right bullying the other get a slap on a wrist and told they have been a naughty boy (IF THAT!!!)

My eldest Hayley starts school next year and I hate the thought of all my good doing bringing her up all being undone in a matter of time because of the surroundings at school.

Hayley has often come home from kinder quite distraught and sometimes even has a cry to me because there is a selected couple of kids that are bullies and have even physically hurt her. I thought the one place they could get away from all that is in kinder as there are two teachers looking after 20 kids rather then just the one.

But for now I will keep my babies under my wing for as long as I can and protect them as my mum protected us as good as she knew.