Tried and Tested: Cheeki- Kimmidoll

I dont know about you but for me it is sometimes really hard to get my girls to drink water or even cordial that is very watered down (almost creating a flavoured water.) We are trying to make positive changes to our lives and unfortunately for the girls this also includes them.

So when Cheeki contacted me in regards to their stainless steel bottles I thought that this was perfect.  With the hotter days means a lot more water drinking to keep hydrated. My thoughts were that Cheeki could make things a lot more fun (and down right cuter) when it comes to keeping hydrated.

So I was sent the kimmidoll junior bottle they are apart of the range:
For the Littlies
 The perfect back-to-school water bottle, the Kimmidoll Leila 350ml water bottle is a great fit for the school-bag and is Recommended Retail Price:  $14.95.

I did jump online and also look at their entire littlies range and there was some super sweet designs but I do have to say the kimmidoll design is by far my favourite. If I were still a little girl it would certainly be the one I went for!!

So for those lovelies out there that have not heard of Cheeki yet here is a little low down of who they are and what they are about!!

Cheeki was founded on the promise of a healthy, environmentally and vegan friendly, cost effective and fun alternative to our world’s harmful dependence on disposable water bottles and coffee cups. 
Established by Simon Karlik and co-directors, Larry and Robyne Dimant in May 2009, Cheeki has become Australia’s leading brand of stainless steel water bottles with recent expansion into 11 countries across the world.  Since inception, Cheeki’s business offering has grown significantly to include environmentally sound flasks, mugs and shakers.  Cheeki’s retail space has also expanded from traditional channels to include pharmacies, health food stores, gourmet grocers, sports and home-ware stores.

The Cheeki product range consists of stainless bottles, flasks, coffee mugs, coffee cups and food jars perfect for a healthy, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and cheeky alternative to disposable drinking and eating vessels. 

Stockists available at
Twitter: @Cheeki_Cheeki 
Instagram: cheeki_cheeki

*Cheeki’s range of products is completely BPA-free.  Bisphenol-A or BPA has been identified as a potential carcinogen that is found within many common household plastics including some baby and water bottles.  A chemical used in the manufacture of plastics, BPA has been linked to brain synapse, breast cancer as well as reproductive and developmental impairments.