Dan Murphy's Affordable Drops of Wine

Now who would have thought pairing wines with food would require so much thought and creativeness. I used to be the type that would reach for the wine rack and grab a wine to have to tea, but all that has now changed once I was given a task by Dan Murphy’s.

I was sent three different types of wine that can be found at your local Dan Murphy’s and was put on a mission to pair them with my favourite dishes. This did take a few different meals, and many glasses of wine later but I did find some amazing couples.

The first drop I was sent was:

The Killer Vintage 2012 Pinot Grigio
$9.99 per bottle

The Killer is a light white wine with crisp citrus flavour that lingers on the palate.
Some foods that pair with this Pinot Grigio are fish and chips, pizza, chicken and Greek salad. It is a very easy going drop that can be paired with a wide range of meals and dishes.

The dish I found to be a perfect pair with was our dinner that consisted of: Lemon, mint and dill seasoned lamb cutlets with a side of garlic butter prawns, steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix and also some vinegar cabbage salad. This was a match made in heaven and sat beautifully with each other, and I have come to the conclusion that The Killer Vintage 2012 Pinot Grigio is very much a Summer sipper.

The next wine to figure out and get my senses around was:

Ch√Ęteau Tanunda Barossa 2011 Grenache Shiraz Mataro
$15 per bottle

This wine and just the Grenache Shiraz Mataro tend to be less fruity and more of a savoury sort of wine. Their trademark aromas are leathery, earthy and meaty. Wines from South Australia are noted for their rich berry and chocolate flavours.

I thought to bring back some of the sweetness to this drink I would pair this with a red cut that had a sweet glaze or seasoning to it. I decided I would slow cook a honey and soy marinade beef steak in the oven for a good 45 minutes on low. And then add to my plate a cauliflower and garlic mash, cabbage and cucumber salad dressed with a vinaigrette. I would usually say this would be more of a Winter Warmer drink and would paired amazingly with a red meat stew but we are coming into the warmer months and it was a lot harder to pair with anything. If it was Winter I would have put this drop with rosemary roasted lamb with red currant jelly; braised lamb shoulder with roasted parsnips.

The last wine I had to try and pair was:

Hardy’s Siegerdorf 2013 Riesling
$11.99 per bottle

Riesling is one of the great white grapes. It produces wines that vary dramatically by region, but they share a great many admirable traits. Riesling is often highly fragrant, very delicious and totally food-friendly.
Siegerdorf Riesling is delicately perfumed with tinges of citrus and apple. Palate has slight spritz and a great intensity and length.

This for me is another Summer drop and great to pair with BBQ grill offs or something as simple as a Crumbed Chicken schnitzel with a side of salad and chips.

The meal that made this pair divine I found was meat pulled off a roast chicken, that was seasoned and oven cooked with garden salad, beetroot and croutons.

At first I thought how on Earth was I to pair these three amazing wines with anything but as I progressed and learnt a little more about each bottler I realised it could be a lot of fun and the mixtures are endless. As long as it works on your palate then that is all that matters, for me these were matches made in heaven. I did know though if I had done this in winter then the dishes would have been totally different, but I had to cook meals that would go with this Melbourne weather!

You can find these three wines at a Dan Murphy’s near you, and if you have not seen their amazing wine collection I know that you will be impressed!! Every year we make a stop at our local Dan’s and pick up our Xmas and New Years drinks as well as a few bottles of wines as Xmas gifts.