Tried and Tested: Whole Kids Certified Organic Snacks for Kids

Kids snacks just got a whole lot better!!

Thanks to Whole Kids I have found a perfect range of snacks for kids that are healthy and great for them lunchboxes.
Whole Kids range of 22 certified organic, additive-free, allergen-friendly snack foods allows parents to breathe easy knowing that they are giving their child real food that doesn’t contain any nasties.
The Whole Kids range of organic corn chips, popcorn, sultanas, fruit bars and juice is GMO free with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, allergens, synthetic pesticides and herbicides, and is packaged in FSA accredited BPA-free packaging.
The products have been developed in consultation with more than 300 parents, as well as dieticians at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, in order to meet the new guidelines for products distributed through hospitals.
Three of the girl’s favourite snacks from Whole Kids would have to be (but of course it was hard to narrow them down)-
Whole Kids Organic Popcorn
·    Whole Kids Organic Popcorn Seasalt, RRP $2.25 for 12g
·    Whole Kids Organic Popcorn Manuka Honey, RRP $2.95 for 35g
 Their popcorn is air-popped to help retain the corn’s fibre and is so delicious your kids won’t even know it’s healthy.  
Hayley loves Manuka and Madison loves seasalt, this just goes to show how different the two really are. Personally I love the seasalt but the Manuka is something different and really does taste like true Manuka Honey. Popcorn is a great healthy snack and is one of the treats my daughter loves to find in her lunchbox.
It is also great to be able to open packet after packet to find that they are whole and not tiny pieces of crumpled popcorn that is stale and soft. Two thumbs up from this happy Mumma.
Whole Kids Organic Sultanas
RRP $3.95 for 6 x 25g sachets
Are a combination of naturally sun-ripened sultanas and apricots that are free from sulphites, typically added to apricots during processing to retain their orange colour.
This has been one snack both of my girls have loved right from 12 months onwards. I could give them a mountain on sultanas and they would eat their way through it- but I wouldn’t of course. I also love that they are in small packs so easy to just throw in the handbag in case the kids get snacky while were out and about; but also make for a good bribe when they start misbehaving. This packs unlike the little boxes also will not come undone in your bag or lunchbox meaning no runaway sultana's!!
Whole Kids Sultanas are soft and not stale which is a good sign that they are fresh and haven’t been sitting in storage for a long time before ending up in your pantry.
I don’t know how or why but these also taste beautiful compared to other brands of sultanas and not overly sweet.

Whole Kids Organic Frooshie
RRP $2.75 for 6 x 90g pouches
These fruit smoothies are available in six different flavours based on real organic fruit mixed with organic vegies, honey, wholegrain quinoa and rice flakes, with no added sugar. 
Frooshie, frooshie, froshie- So much fun to say, and so much fun for the kids to eat and also very convenient. They get their name from the word smoothie and fruit being put together, which I think is really cool and so do the girls.  I love these kinds of things for an all year round snack as they can be eaten as is or even frozen for those hotter days. But when Madison was at that 4month eating stage I used to warm them up in hot water and feed it to her warm to get used to solids but still warm like milk (the only food she knew.)
The girls were given the chance to try a wide range of their flavours but there were two standout flavours for them both. These two flavours were-
Banana, strawberry apple + Raspberry
Banana, Apple and Beetroot.
Now I know the beetroot combo does not sounds very nice to some, but I tried it for myself as I didn’t think it sounded nice but when the girls mmm’d away I was very curious and was surprised at how delicious it was. I think the girls also loved the colour of this bright red frooshie.
And well if the girls weren’t going to eat the Banana, Strawberry Apple and Raspberry I would have eaten every last drop. I LOVE this flavour and so do the girls. It is such a yummy combo that just works and reminds me of a dessert my mum used to make but I cant put my finger on it!