Tried & Tested- Nivea SUN Kids Caring Sun Spray

One thing I noticed in QLD is that when our SPF 50+ ran out and we quickly went to the supermarket to make do and could only find SPF 30+ that is just does not cut it anymore. I could not wait to get back to the apartment to get my hands on the girls Nivea Sunscreen.

There is a huge difference and with the SPF 50+ and the biggest difference is that my girls and I did not burn once!!

So when the morning came I ruffled through my toiletries to find the girls

NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Sun Spray SPF 50+  RRP- $17.99

NIVEA SUN includes moisturising ingredients such as glycerine, vitamin E and panthenol in its sunscreens to help maintain the skin’s moisture levels and subsequently, support its natural defence against the sun.

The reason why this spray for the kids is probably better then any SPF 50+ I have used before is because when you spray it on it is actually a blue colour that allows you to make sure your child is fully covered. Once it dissolved into my little girls skin it did not stay blue (luckily, because I didn’t want Smurfs running around the beach) it just dissolved away.
To begin with it is quite greasy, but that may be due to the fact of its high SPF content. But after being on the skin for 5-10mins you do not notice it and the initial greasiness disappears.   
I was actually surprised how well it takes to your skin- like when in QLD most of our time was on the beach so sand was a daily thing. There is nothing worse then having sand sticking to your sunscreen and skin, rest assured this does not happen with NIVEA SUN caring spray.

Another huge bonus with this is it lasts a full 4 hours which means you do not have to re-apply again!