Realestate View

If only we listened to my partners parents when we were on the market for our very first home..

When we went looking we wanted something that was liveable but also something we could renovate and add value to. Well we looked at about 3-4 auctions and only a handful of areas and before we knew it there was a house that was perfect to renovate.  Well we jumped on it and got approved for a loan, went to the auction and made the house ours..

Only problem was when the house was actually ours there was a lot more things wrong with it then what we first looked at. And the previous owner took a lot of shortcuts in making the house “look good.. well better”

So then we found out the house was subdivided hence the reason our backyard was on the small side, and now we have a lovely two-storey building next door to us :-/ grr!!

But all in all we are making this house work and have done some great renovations and were slowly falling in love! But our plan is to be out in 5 years or so either renting this out, or selling it to make a profit. So far this is looking good for us, the prices around us are going up and at a very steady pace.

I was shown a great site ( )that actually could have helped Matt and I find the perfect house if only we read through some tips and hint when buying a house. This site can be found here. Here is a little chart on the top 5 rituals when buying a home found on their blog.

Since being shown the site I have looked at houses on their easy to use search engine around my area and have my eye on a few. If only this site came into my life a little earlier… Lets say 2 years ago, I would probably be living in a house that barely needed much work and already in love with a home!