Santa's Magical Kingdom

Just the word Christmas gets me all excited and jumping with joy.  And having kids is a great excuse to be able to celebrate like a child again and really get into the spirit. 

This year was the first year we have gone out and done one of the many things Melbourne has to offer when it comes to Christmas and festivities.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom is a place that any family should take their kids, although you don’t even need to have children to be able to enjoy SMK. 
Santa's Magical Kingdom can be found at Burnley Oval from the 15th November- 23rd December.
I was invited to attend the opening night of SMK and this was an offer to good to resist, and I am now so glad we went.
Traffic was quite bad, but our little detour happened to be for the better, as we found free parking right across the rd from SMK tent (Yarra BLVD.) If you wanted to park at the big top then I would recommend you get in there early to ensure you get a good park.

To be completely honest I had no idea what to expect when it came to SMK and was very surprised when I walked into the big to to see bright Christmas Lights everywhere; it was very much a winter wonderland.

My first impression was that it was actually quite small but this changed quickly when I realised how much was packed in there. The kids were all over the shop and wanted to try EVERYTHING!!

The first stop we made was to the Magical Train with a massive Christmas tree in the centre. One thing I did notice with all the rides is you get a decent amount of time on them, for example with the train they were on there for a good 5mins.

Next we were off to decorate our gingerbread men, and munch on an arm or leg along the way. Madison did not get very far as she ate the marshmellow from the stick which was meant to be used as the glue. But the lovely ladies there did give her another one to decorate the gingerbread. The girls did a fab job of decorating but before we could snap up a photo they lost their heads and arms and took a one way trip into my girls tummy!

Then we kept heading around the big top until we got to the snow, which was fine little bubbles (but the girls didn’t know that!!) It was beautifully lit and had light up reindeers and even Santa’s sleigh. Walking down this lane made it feel like I was walking done a lane in America with their snow at Christmas.

We then went on the rides that were there and I was very happy when I found out you did not have to pay for any of the rides that were there as it was included in your ticket.

The girls did get a photo with Santa but I was quite disappointed with it in the end. Had I not been in a rush and looked at it properly I would have tried to get my money back and not bother at all. Santa looked great and all it is the actual photo and background. There was no mention that this was a 2013 photo and not even a mention of it being at Santa’s Magical Kingdom. If you ask me the plain background was quite a downer to the $34 dollar package, which is the cheapest you could get (definitely not worth the cash!)

I had no idea there was a circus on until I noticed that there were not many people left in the main tent… We went for a little walk and that is where we saw the tent pulled open and another section. This is where the Silver’s Circus had set up to put on a show. The girls loved the show and watching all the acts that were put on and of course getting to see Santa again. For me this was worth the money you pay to get in and the rest is just a bonus.
I have also never seen dogs play AFL

Once the circus finished we took the girls to the sand art part but there were no seats available and there was going to be a long wait, so we just left for home with two very tired girls in tow. Having said this though the night was a sell-out but they didn’t try and cram way to many people in there leaving line horrible. It was great, if you even had to wait in line it was only until the ride stopped from the previous turn and you were on (much better then QLD theme park lines that is for sure!!)

Santa’s Magical Kingdom will now become a yearly thing for us, and what you would call a family tradition; feel blessed to have been invited!!  

And one last note, those families planning on taking your pram this event was VERY pram friendly and even accessible for wheelchairs as well.

The event will include:
       A magical Christmas walk-through wonderland 
       Snow Land where artificial snow falls!
       Meet Santa and receive a free gift!
       Amusement Rides and Sideshow Games
       A spectacular Christmas themed circus show
        Roving  Christmas  characters
        A Christmas craft area where you can decorate their own gingerbread man and sand art
       Interactive story reading with Mrs Claus
       Write your letter to Santa and send it to the North Pole
       Plus so much more fun for the whole family