Yin Yoga- Ulrica Norberg

Since undergoing my health and wellbeing changes. I have found comfort and peace in Yoga. They have a Yoga class at my current gym, and is usually what I will finish my night off with after a big session in the gym.
I have wanted to be able to do Yoga in the comfort of my own home, but didn’t know if it would feel the same. But there was only one way to find out.
After receiving an amazing book, I took the plunge and set the scene at home. To my surprise it was very relaxing and next time I will even get the kids involved with the simple moves as I think it would be great for them.
This book was of course the 
 New Yin Yoga book (Rockpool Publishing, $24.99), by Ulrica Norberg
Which is a practical guide for those looking to achieve greater physical and emotional well-being.
Originating in China, Yin Yoga practice incorporates poses designed to improve the flow ofqi, the subtle life force essential to organ health, immunity, and emotional well-being. Each posture is moved through slowly and mindfully, gently allowing tendons, fascia, and ligaments to stretch as circulation improves and the mind becomes calm.
In the new book, Yin Yoga renowned yoga teacher Ulrica Norberg describes how to balance yin and yang on and off the mat, sharing her own experiences and offering wisdom for adapting the yogic principles in modern life. Readers will learn to develop their own individualised yin yoga practice, complete with a yin yoga flow, visualisation techniques, and Ayurveda health principles.
The book includes photographs and clear descriptions to highlight proper alignment, ensuring the practice will be safe and effective. Being a very visual person this is quite important to me, to better understand the task ahead as well as get a real feel for what needs to be done- plus it makes things more interesting then words splattered on a page.
I love this book, and I turn to it at least twice a week and can proudly say I understand Yoga all the more thanks to Yin Yoga.