3B's- Potted Potter Review Melbourne

Harry Potter fan I am not, so to have been invited to the Potted Potter opening night at the Melbourne Art’s Centre I was a little up in the air about it. I have only ever seen the first two movies, and then got older and lost interest.

When we arrived there were many hundreds of HP fans all dressed up in their cutest outfits, or even something as simple as a Hogwart’s Scarf.

This successful  touring  production  features  two  great  English  performers,  James  Percy and Benjamin Stratton.  James is an actor and stand-up comedian.

Right off the bat I was impressed with Ben walking around the theatre greeting the crowd and just adding a real sense that we were going to be apart of this show- not just them alone on the stage.

I am going to jump the gun a little here now though, and walked out there feeling like I had done a solid hour of core exercises- that is how much I laughed. Matt hasn’t seen any Harry Potter movies, so didn’t really get the characters or anything like that- but still found himself chuckling away at these fools on stage. Even Ben and James broke out in giggles and laughter from time to time, and made mistakes but it made it all the more funnier.

The boys did customise the show a little to Australia and Melbourne in particular making fun of Aussie rules and even a few little funny things here and there (I don’t want to give too much away).

Set and props were very limited with there only being 5 items on the stage throughout the show, but yet it really did work (even if not into the HP theme haha Silly Ben)!! The main props used were hats and head pieces, and then of course the boys talent at changing accents at the drop of the hat. All the boys wore was jeans and matching black tops, that is it- simple yet effective.

Melbourne’s show is only very limited, so if you want to get in I would get in and book tickets ASAP.

VENUE                  Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse

SEASON               Tuesday 28 October to Sunday 2 November, 2014

TICKETS                from $60.  (Booking and transaction fees may apply.)

BOOKINGS          ARTS CENTRE MELBOURNE 1300 182 183 or
                               Groups 10+ SAVE! Call Group Bookings 1300 002 787

This is one of the only shows I have been to this year that has been a comedy, and I just want more now!!

I would rate this 3 ½ stars out of 5.