San Churro's Concept Store in Fitzroy Officially Launches

San Churro’s playground opens its doors to public (officially) last night, and I was lucky to have been surrounded by the San Churro Friends and family to be apart of the launch.

The first ever San Churro Store (image from San Churro)

Who would have thought 10 years ago, the first ever San Churro store would be opened up just doors down from the new playground that is the Fitzroy store; pretty meaningful if you ask me making the new San Churro Concept store all the more special.

The New San Churro store in Fitzroy

On the night speeches were kicked off with a speech from the one and only Giro Maurici, who is the founder of San Churro but they way he speaks it is more of a family member (baby) to him. I loved the passion in his speech and the honest love for the chain he has created, calling the staff and contributors “family”. I have a whole new respect for San Churro and cannot wait to see where San Churro heads in the future.

Giro Maurici speech

At the moment there are currently 40 stores open nation wide, all with a different feel as the franchisers make it their own. I have been to two stores and with both of them, the staff has been more then welcoming and I was made to feel comfortable in my dining experience.

I love the dynamics of San Churro’s concept store, where everything is literally an experiment to see how the public likes the products. My favourite concept that was happening and going around on the night would have had to be the savory pastry, as it just comes natural that after loading up on chocolate you break the sweetness with something savory or vice versa.

The savoury treats

The Fitzroy store consists of two levels both with a café style fit-out and then there is of course the street settings if you are more of an outdoorsy person. I think it would be fantastic if San Churro would hire out the top level and have events up there- I know I would come for my daughter’s birthday with a bunch of her friends.

Two levels

Another idea I had on the night and would love to see San Churro create is bib napkins or something of the like for little ones. I know when I bring both of my girls, even though they are 3 and 6 there is always a mess made and I now know to bring a spare change of clothes in the boot.  A thicker napkin cut into a bib shape for the little ones to wear even if it is just taped closed at the back to be ripped off and thrown in the bin when done- a know a lot of Mums could hear me out on this one!

The inside of the store for the launch

I cannot wait to get in store (with kids in tow) and try out their Summer menu and of course bring some of the delights home to indulge in the comforts of my home- nothing wrong with a good balance J Just means more work in the gym for me haha.

All the trial goodies