Gluten Free Expo with 3B's

Being Self proclaimed foodie (aka wanna be healthy chef) my heart starts racing when I hear of new and exciting expos that include food of the likes. So when I heard there was a Gluten Free Expo coming to Melbourne I knew I just had to be there- and I was.

Having a gluten intolerance I had a soft spot for this expo from the start. I can eat gluten but only in small amounts and not very often or else I feel bleh and the stomach cramps go into overdrive.

I know there will be plenty of people out there that also suffer from gluten intolerances and gluten free options are becoming more and more popular on the menu now.

The moment you step door into the Gluten Free Expo your nose is filled with all sorts of amazing smells from bakery goods to curry. And then my eyes had no idea which direction they wanted to look. But the family decided we would start from one isle and walk our way around until we reached the end isle.

Well when we reached the end isle we went back and did another 2 laps just in case we missed anything and some stalls became less crowded then others. There were freebies and samples everywhere so people were very well spread out unlike others I have been to and all the stalls giving away and sampling things have been unreachable.

I can honestly say there were all sorts of food around from curry, bread, cakes, icing, dips, curries, all sorts of food, drinks and even beer to name a few.

O'Brien Gluten free beer

Our highlight of the day would have had to be watching Michael and Courtney (finalists) from previous years Masterchef in the COLES kitchen stage area.

We sat in for the cupcake decorating, which Madison was apart of decorating her very own cupcake with gluten free goodies.

She also snapped up a photo with the stars themselves, who were more then entertaining and a bunch of laughs.

I also loved being able to catch up with brands I have been talking to over the last year and put a face to the brands and emails. I was gifted quite a few items, so over the coming weeks both on my instagram and blog you will see more mentions of these along with The Gluten Free Expo.