FitFam Adventures- King Lake

Today marks a milestone in 3B’s History- today we have decided as a family to spend as much time possible outdoor in the sunshine getting fit and healthy all together. Spring has Sprung and the sun has been delightful in Melbourne, and the 3B’s family has been taking advantage of this.

This weekend we have spent most of the time in the great outdoors, minus Saturday where I left the munchkins at home while I went with Mummy M to the Cake, Bake and Sweets expo.

Today (Sunday) we packed up a picnic (a healthy one to) and headed to King Lake for the day. We have been doing some research on some great play grounds in and around Melbourne, and this happened to come up.

I am so glad it did, as this really was a hidden gem. In amongst all the fire stricken trees, where Black Saturday reigned terror on this tiny town. While we were there the fire alarm sounded and sent shivers down my spine, as this is what they would have heard back in 2009 before loosing everything.

Bollygum Adventure Park is a place that the kids imagination can run wild and they can run a muck all while Mummy and Daddy sit down and soak up the rays (with Sunscreen of course)!

Platypus' s House is a old little house like play area where the children can imagine they are in a little world back in the day, on a Sunny country day- but have to be careful not to scare platypus away. To the right of the house there is a little device that makes metal clanging music, so the kids can dance around in there own little house, as mine did for quite a while. 

Wombat's House is down in the main play ground and has 2 orange slides- the bigger ones. In Wombat's house there are two silly mirrors, one that makes you look tall and the other making me look quite small and stumpy (not the most flattering look, I think I keep to the long and thin).

After a bite to eat and a few hours of play we decided to head to the next spot. So we all piled into Ribbit (Matt's new car) and headed to Mason's Fall. 

I had no idea Victoria had such a beautiful waterfall, I thought Trentham Fall's was good, but this one is so much bigger and prettier. Although there is a sadness surrounded around this beautiful waterfall and that is all the bare blackened bark on the trees all around. 96% of King Lake National forest was effected by fires, but there is still green around now that new growth has grown through. I couldn't imagine the amount of Wild life that would have lost their lives in the tragic fire let alone those who lost their lives and houses. 

Next time when we return we will pick a nice picnic spot here and eat lunch, the serenity is amazing and the views are to die for. 

That was us for the day and if you ask me a day well spent being active and bonding as a family. 

But we couldn't help ourselves and on the way home we took a pit stop to drop in and have a look at Ned Kelly's childhood home, which was very old and in poor condition- but none the less a true Australian Icon place to visit.