3B's Family head the The Royal Melbourne Show

I thought about trying to sum up this years Royal Melbourne Show in just word, but I just couldn’t do it. Every single time I entered those gates, I felt like a child- and I entered them 3 days in a row. I don’t think we could have done it all in a day, we tried. Matt, Madison, Hayley and I arrived at the show on a Monday at 9:30am and didn’t leave until 10:30pm that night!

There is so much to see and do at the show, and even bring home many goodies. All four of us had different favourites of the day, so I thought I would touch base and let you know.

Daddy- He enjoyed the Woolworths Pavillion and trying out all the foods and healthy products they had to offer. Matt even walked away from the pavilion with a brand new recipe, which we have cooked at home! The avocado salad, with warm chicken mixed through- perf Summer dish.

Hayley- My little miss should have been born on a farm, as she just loves her animals and is such a natural with them. 

Here was Mum running away from a giant sheep like a clown, all the while Hayley sat there holding and feeding baby farm animals without a care in the world. 

I actually had to bribe Hayley after about an hour and a half in the pen to leave!

Madison- Ok, so this is where you will see how truly different my girls are from one another. Madison’s favourite was the rides, and more the scary rides that go fast rather then the little (nice) rides that Mummy could be at peace with her going on.

We spent over 2 and a half hours in the rides area, and that wasn’t in lines or anything! I think each year the show gets quieter and quieter as we didn’t have to wait in a single line for anything!

Mummy-  Well for me, it was a bit of a tie.  I would have to say this year my favourite area was the My Backyard. Even though it was more for children I loved being able to watch them get creative, and make things for the backyard.

I also got some ideas for our own backyard as it is currently under construction. The girls even got the chance to plant their own little plants and bring them home with them- ours reside in the garden bed as we speak. 

But My Backyard was followed closely by the Masterchef tour. 

Each year the kitchen has been open I make sure to pop in and have a look :-) This year not too much has changed, but it was even better that we had the opportunity to snap some pictures with Masterchef Royality :-) 

The Herald Sun entertainment hub, was the perfect spot to rest our sore feet while watching some of the shows finest talents.

Daddy and the girls enjoyed every single minute of the entertainment as you can see.
I loved watching the girls dance and sing along to Taylor Henderson, 

Plus he was super easy on the eyes!

 Hayley and Madison also got to watch Mickey and Minnie mouse’s house of rock, and if that wasn’t good enough then they also got to MEET Mickey Mouse backstage after the show J

Here are some more snaps from our adventure, enjoy!

Of course, in Royal Melbourne Show style we finished the night off with a bang!

Can’t wait for 2015!!!