WIN a First Aid Kit Thanks to First Aid For You

Not sure about you guys, but I Know this house has been caught out without a First Aid Kit more then once- even if we just needed a band aid for a tiny boo boo.
We go camping at the end of the year each year, and this year I want to make sure we have a fully equipped First Aid kit. With my personal training course, I was made to complete a First Aid and CPR course. And I had no idea the importance of correct first aid until I completed my short course! Now I carry band-aids in my bag and a bandage just incase. But now I think about it I would love to have a proper first aid kit in the house and in the car for those just in case moments in life.

I would love to share with you some tips I was given by Mary Dawes, the director of First Aid For You:
Keep a well-stocked first aid kit in the home AND in the car.
Both kits should have child-friendly antiseptic cream for the kids as most regular brands may be too strong on little skin, it’s also good to have some “character” and waterproof Band-Aids in there, they’re great distraction therapy and will have the child focusing on something other than the injury.
In the kits have a list of numbers and any allergies your family has. If possible laminate the sheet so it’s reasonably waterproof.
Nappy bags are must in first aid kits, for any rubbish removal and for when people are feeling like they may throw-up.
If you or the person you’re treating are burnt, instantly cool the burn with gently flowing cold water for up to 20 minutes – of if it’s a child, for a long as is possible. If in doubt (especially if the burn is large) call an ambulance ‘000’ or 112 on a mobile phone – this is the international emergency number, and often works in places where there is limited reception.
And more importantly DO NOT put lotions, powders, butter, ice, garlic, toothpaste, hummus or egg whites on a burn! Yes we’ve heard of many things being placed on burns – the only thing you should do before ringing for an ambulance is cool the burn.
Finally, it’s never too early to teach the kids how to ring “000” – start from an early age and have them recite their address too, many children can be very helpful in time of need.

Ok now for those of you who don’t currently have a First Aid Kit I urge you to please please buy one, or even some bits and pieces that are needed in case of an accident.
But I have also teamed up with First Aid For You and have been lucky enough to provide one of my viewers the chance to WIN themselves a fully stocked first aid kit valued at $99!

All you have to do is go to the box below and follow instructions.


Win a First Aid Kit for Your Home