Myer Christmas GIFTORIUM opens its doors today

Myer Melbourne today officially opened up their Christmas GIFTORIUM, which can be found on Level 6 in Myer Melbourne-Bourke St (Emporium).

Myer today announced the roll-out of a unique concept in Australian retailing and we were lucky enough to be apart of this special day. 

 Who else would be more fitting to open such a special event other then the one and only Bernie Brookes- MYER CEO.

 The moment we started ascending up the escalators to the 6th floor we heard Christmas jingles, and while I have been denying that Christmas is only 10 weeks away I was smacked in the face today knowing it was knocking on my door.  But I could not have thanked Myer enough for opening up my eyes and undoing my denial, as I was super excited to begin my Christmas Shopping and if Madison was not there today I would have spent a fortune (on behalf of Santa of course).

Across all Myer stores this Christmas, the GIFTORIUM will offer 2.2million products and more, enough to fill the MCG! I was surprised at how amazing this entire concept was and how every single person in my family could have a gift bought for them on the one floor- gone are the days where I used to start on the ground floor and work my way up for Christmas gifts (hallelujah!!)

Free hugs at the Mr.Men hugging booth

And if you have NO IDEA what to get your loved one, then rest assured Myer has you covered with their Gifticians who are gift giving experts and are more then willing to help find a personalised present according to your budget.

Candy Buffet available for tasting at the store today :-) 

Also throughout the entire level 6 and I believe at all Myer stores there will be Producticians to provide you with product demonstrations and samplings, which is perfect for the person who likes to try before they buy.

I think Mummy more then anybody LOVED the Frozen movie hub, where I was able to rest my sore and tired feet after running around after Miss M all morning (bless).

Sand Art

That wasn’t all though this morning there was plenty of things to do including sand art, ballerina dancing, stocking decorating, sampling, balloons, face painting and that is just to name a few.

Wonder if you can tell that Madison loves her Kangas?

I walked away with a couple of gifts today (thank you MYER ELVES!!!) But my favourite by far was the SodaStream that was customised and designed by none other then Miss M! That is right, in a world first SodaStream PLAY will be showcased in the Melbourne store offering customers the opportunity to customise their very own SodaStream machine.  They will also offer samplings so you can try the flavours before you buy, SCORE!

Myer also has a handy feature called the Gift Finder where you can find a gift for that special person (or yourself) in the comfort of your own home and can even order online.

Salvation Army Choir

Literally, Myer has you covered for all your Christmas needs and even has a desk where the Elves are more then happy to wrap that present for you- one less thing to worry about.
                                      Striking a pose in her Jeanswest Gear