Out around town with Baby Jogger city mini

 Spring and beautiful weather means our family get out and about as much as we can. This will include walking Hayley to and from school, to the shops, to the park and anywhere our little legs will take us.

I try to persuade Madison to walk the entire way, but that is a big ask for a little person. She almost always asks for a piggy back half way through, but my lower lumbar isn’t doing so well lately and can’t take the piggy backs. The reason why I don’t like to take the stroller or pram is because the front wheel is buckled; and I HATE the Strider and avoid it at any costs.

So when I was approached by Baby Jogger with an email showing me their prams/strollers I knew I had to ask if there was any chance I could try it out before considering purchasing it.  They were more then willing to loan me a stroller to try out and review on the blog.

Madison Ready for her walk, banana in hand.

The Stroller I was able to try out was the City Mini.  First I want to let you know this stroller sh**s all over the Strider plus and I can actually fit through shopping isles (pet hate!!!!! Grrr) .

My View from the top
My view with the hood down.

The City Mini is light weight- and I am talking feather light (almost) I have a bad back as mentioned above and getting this in and out of the car was a breeze.

Happy to push the city mini, but still wants a piggy back!

Talking about the boot, I can store this city mini in my boot with loads of room and I have a Holden VY with a gas tank in there! I was so surprised at how easy and tiny the city mini compacts down to.

There are four shades available and they are:

Hayley pushing her sister. So easy to steer in comparison to the Strider.

The loan unit we received was the Teal/Grey combo. But if I were to purchase one I would go with the sand or the black, as I like it plain-old-jane and accessorise.

To check out the city mini and all the other prams/strollers available from City Select you can head to their website below.