3B's Tested: Tangle Teezer Sugared Almonds Range

The worst thing being a Mum is not enjoying brushing my girls hair, but luckily I have been blessed with angels that will sit there and yet continue to shriek and sometimes drop a few tears thanks to the horrible knots. I have tried everything in the book to make this experience for them a little more comforting from watching tv to take their minds off it, to making my own spray in conditioner and even buying professional detanglers. But nothing has seemed to work very well, until I found out about the Tangle Teezer.

I have seen the Tangle Teezer at a few shows and festivals, but never stopped to take the time to appreciate them and see them work in action. Then I took the plunge one day and decided to give it a go on the girls…. I could have only imagined the look on my face when I realised how well the Tangle Teezer actually worked, I literally could have collapsed to the floor after 5 years of frustrating day in day out hair brushing. Now my life could not be pictured without a Tangle Teezer, especially for my two girls.

They also come in some of the sweetest colours you’ll ever see on a hairbrush, Tangle Teezer’s Sugared Almonds Salon Elite range is the perfect way to inject some candy coloured fabulousness into your daily hair routine. Available in delicious Sweet Peppermint and Sweet Lilac shades, the Sugared Almonds range fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for gorgeous, detangled locks…without adding anything to your hips!

The brainchild of internationally acclaimed hairdresser Shaun P, Tangle Teezer’s patented flexi-teeth promise instant detangling for all hair types…even hair that’s not quite your own – a relief for extensions, wig and weave lovers everywhere! Loved by the likes of Cara Delevingne to The Duchess of Cambridge, Tangle Teezer proves itself to be a bathroom-worthy hair tool by its celebrity following alone. Coveted across 80 countries worldwide, it’s easy to see why 8 Tangle Teezers are sold every minute!

The girls in this house have given the tangle teezer a run for its money trying it out on both dry and wet hair. I was a little skeptical at first when thinking about this Tangle Teezer working on wet hair, but once again it proved me wrong and breezed right through that tangled, wet mess.

Tangles are gently eased out with a couple of swift brushstrokes, or volume-up your look with a quick back-comb. And when you’re ready for smooth high shine, brushing out is quick and painless – no pulling, no tearing, and less breakage. The design of the Salon Elite also enables the brush to cradle the scalp for a blissful head massage – what a sweet bonus!

RRP: RRP $29.95
Stockists: Available from leading salons nationwide