3B's Initial thoughts on Homedics NEWA skin rejuvenation system

The beauty of youth these days can come at a very hefty price with many things on the market such as laser treatment, Botox, creams and that is just to name a few. Some of which do not even work, and after the hundreds of dollars (even thousands) you can sometimes spend that is the last thing you want.

Luckily for me I am a mere 24 years of age, and can proudly say I am yet to find a wrinkle- but I’m not naive I know they are hiding under the surface waiting to pop up. So when I was invited to a preview of Homedics Newa device I was a little hesitant and thought to myself would I be too young for this event. Then I was reassured this device is also for preventing wrinkles.

For my I am always scared that once you start using something like this the moment you stop you pay for it, with worse then what you begun with. So over the coming weeks I will be trying this product out day in and day out and then stop for a week and let you know my verdict.

Before I give my initial thoughts on the NEWA device I thought I might touch base with what it actually is.

Newa is a skin Rejuvenation System that reduces the wrinkle NATURALLY! Because over time our bodies do some pretty annoying things like loosing collagen, which helps give the skin its shape and keep it looking plump and young. Newa is clinically proven to firm, tighten and lift skin by reactivating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen.  Newa claims to reduce wrinkles by just 45% in just 12 weeks of use, all in which you can do at home.
  • ·      Long Term results- skin is lifted and tightened
  • ·      Easy to Use
  • ·      Suitable for all skin types
  • ·      Highest Safety Standards
  • ·      Pleasant experience that feels like a warm face massage
  • ·      Powered by 3DEEP professional Grade Technology.

As you are all aware I will not preach for a product I don’t like, I am real and so are my reviews. So everything you are about to read is genuine and only MY honest opinion.

Sorry for the face without makeup 

On my first use of the device, I tried it out on my hand as I was scared to put heat on my face and had no idea what I had signed myself up for. But to my surprise I found it just slowly started to warm up until it hit  the desired heat- which is totally bearable.  The Newa is designed for all skin types on all areas of the face, so you can rest assure if you have a combination skin type.

There are a few super simple steps to treatment.

Of course the first one is to plug the device into the wall and push the power button on.
Power Level Switch:
0-    device is off
1-    low heating level
2-    High heating level
Newa does recommend starting from the higher level, and then just turning it down if it feels to warm on your face. From the event all the ladies had it on level 2 and had no problems at all.

Then you need to apply two lines of the Newa Activator gel on the electrodes. The gel smells pleasantly like aloe vera, and I enjoy using it on my face.

Note: Divide your face into 6 treatment areas, two on each cheek and two under the chin. Each treatment area it is recommended to use 4 mins (a full cycle) of treatment and no more then this.

Then all you have to do is press and release the power button to start energy delivery and the LED light will begin to blink blue. Once it reaches optimal temperature the light will start blinking green.

After your 4 minute treatment cycle the device will vibrate, and I am not going to lie this scares the hell out of me every single time even though I know it is coming haha.

With the first use on my face, I did feel a tingly sensation but I am not sure if this was due to the fact that I kept circling a device on my face or if it was working deep down in my skin.

After 5 minutes of treatment on the area I did see a slight redness, but nothing that couldn’t be covered up with some foundation or BB cream. I can confirm it doesn’t sting or irritate your skin when applying makeup right after application.

I didn’t feel an immediate difference to the area, but this was after the first use. After a week of using the product I found the 6 areas did feel tighter slightly after treatment, but it wasn’t an unpleasant tightness. I don’t expect to see a change to my areas as there are no wrinkles as of yet, but I will certainly use this religiously when wrinkles begin to appear.

Now price wise the Newa device, activator cream and pouch will set you back around RRP $499. I did think this was a little steep until I looked into laser and botox which can sometimes cost well into the thousands and thousands of dollars. I then came to realise this was a great price if the product works as you can do it in the comfort of your own home- for me its while I am relaxing on the couch or before bed.

For more information feel free to head to www.homedics.com.au otherwise the Newa device can be purchased from the Shaver Shop. Great idea for gifting to the ones you love for Christmas.

I will leave you with this for now but will come back to you the start of next month with how I am progressing and if my thoughts have changed.