OUT AND ABOUT with 3B's- Cake, Bake and Sweets Show REVIEW

When I heard that there was a Cake, Bake and Sweets Show coming to Melbourne I could feel the inner baker inside of me get excited! In the end I was literally counting down the days until the expo was to begin. But for me Friday didn’t work as I wanted to walk around kid and pram free to really soak up the atmosphere and have a Mummies day.

The last 4 years I have really ventured into making and decorating cakes, especially when it comes to making my girls cakes. In the next month I will have to put together some ideas for my brother’s 21st cake, and this expo was the perfect opportunity for some inspiration and stocking up on goodies.

Mr M’s Mummy and I hit the shores of the Docklands at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre early Saturday morning. I had no idea an event such as this could be so packed. From the moment we stepped foot in the building you could see the gianormus line to just get in, then when you were in there you felt like a sheep trying to be heard into a truck. When the shows weren’t on, you honestly struggled to move around anywhere- and to get in the stalls was a completely other story.

One thing I was a little horrified at, is at the CSR stand they were handing out some icing freebies. The women there attacked the boxes like the zombie apocalypse was coming and these were the last ever packets of icing to hit the shelves. I saw a little old lady get knocked around like a ten pin bowling pin as she waited patiently but had extremely rude people push in front (literally push their way in).

Other then the crowds this expo was not one to be missed and I will be keeping an eye on the date of when this expo returns for 2015 (which I hope it does).

We had intentions of sitting in on a few classes, but in the end the crowds got to us and we could not be bothered waiting an hour or so in line to secure ourselves a ticket, so instead we walked around to some stalls and watched their demonstrations.

I did however make sure I sat in on Adriano Zumbo’s main stage show, as I am a massive fan of his and so is my mother-in-law. His master macroon making skills left us in awe, and wanting to get home to bake some of his delicious treats. He did have a stall there where you could purchase his macroons, but again the line was almost as big as meeting “Buddy” the cake king.

One of the highlights for me was on the right hand side wall, there were all the competition cakes lined up. By the time we got to seeing them they had been judged and the winners had ribbons there. I was amazed with these cakes and had to just stare at them in awe and figure out if it was actually a cake or some sort of clay work of art (of course they were cake)!!

Another great experience was being able to witness a Guiness World Record being broken, with Savour School breaking the record for the most chocolate (or the heaviest) flowers all made by hand. When we passed by they had broken the record and the weight of chocolate was well and truly over 100kg, but they really wanted to secure there spots and make sure the many of hours of work was worth it. 

The favourite for me though was the inspirational set ups, of themed buffets. There was everything from Peter's Neverland Party, 

to the less traditional Wedding Cakes (which I much prefer).  I know if ever I get married I will be making my own cake, and putting together my own buffet table like these, so it was good to be able to walk away with some inspiration. 

As for me now, I am off to the kitchen to bake me up a storm ;-) Enjoy xxx