Vitamix and its many uses- IN LOVE

Do you find it hard to cram all the right servings of fruit and vegetables in your diet, or just don’t like the taste of some of those superfoods? Then I know the Vitamix will be for you.
$995.00 RRP
The unique features of our new Professional Series 500™ promise results that are restaurant-quality, no matter how you choose to mix it up! Enjoy pre-programmed convenience on the most popular processes along with the culinary creativity that comes with our popular variable speed and pulse features
Smart blending technology allows you to create hundreds of recipes with the turn of a dial! With the Vitamix Professional Series 500™ you can effortlessly create Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Hot Soups with three easy-to-use pre-programmed settings
Babies and Growing up with Vitamix
The Vitamix would be absolutely perfect for those parents with young children and children just beginning to eat foods. The Vitamix can make a small lot or bulk lot of almost any puree to divide into little containers for the fridge or freezer. It will even cook the pumpkin and potato for you.. I wish I had one of these with both of my girls, then I would not have had to spend hours in the kitchen.

At the moment going green, and green smoothies are all the rage, but sometimes eating those greens on their own and trying to put so much of it into your mouth can be a little off putting and just plain hard to do. The Vitamix has made making my green morning smoothie an absolute breeze and is something I most definitely want to do- I am feeling like a million bucks right now.  
To begin with it was a little hard to get the girls to come along on the green juicing journey with me as they just weren’t to sure about putting something that looked like that in their mouth. But after a little convincing that this was a special power swamp drink that Shrek and Fiona drink to make them BIG and strong. Within no time the girls were drinking these and asking for more, but of course with theirs I add more fruit to sweeten it up a bit.
I didn’t really believe something like this would make piping hot soup ready to eat in 5 mintues.. The god darn unit proved me wrong though and whipped up my favourite soup within 6 minutes, yup 6 MINUTES!! It tasted amazing and was piping hot, and even needed cooling. My favourite soup to cook so far is Pumpkin soup.
Literally all we threw into these were-
2 Carrots
Half a Butternup Pumpkin
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Sprinkle of pepper and salt
1 potato
Half an onion

We have only explored one other soup and that was Zucchini soup, but need improving as I think I may have added too much kale and it had a massive tongue burning bite to it. I might try roasting my zucchini first as well.
These are so much fun to make and you can literally add anything you like into them if you have ice. I have made berry smoothies, green smoothies, banana smoothies, cacao smoothies and so many more. I am more then happy to share recipes on these if interested.

You can also make ice- cream with your Vitamix, but I am yet to try this as it is Autumn and the weather is cold. But I would imagine this would be delicious and so easy to make. I will attempt to make some in the coming weeks and let you know how I went J
There are so many other things you can use your Vitamix for such as sauces, creams, gravy, sorbet, mashes, dicing food and soo much more. I don’t know how I have lived without a Vitamix for soo long! We have even made a pancake mix in the Vitamix, which has been made over and over- morning after morning.

So far the Vitamix has made going healthy and loosing weight so much easier from a Mummies perspective who is already limited with time.