I have never in my life had so much fun cooking as I did on Tuesday with the Continental Head Chef Julianne Lever and some of the other amazing bloggers and media team.

I let my inner chef shine and also took away a whole heap of great kitchen tips and tools. 

Firstly we stood around the working space at Raw Foods kitchen and watched Julianne give a demonstration and tips on how to prepare quick, easy Continental meals- I also learn to be rough with a lettuce and smash it on the bench is the best way to remove the core… Not carefully peeling each and every leaf off.

After we were shown the ropes we were split up into pairs and even small groups to begin preparing our preferred dish. Marianne from http://domesticdivinity.blogspot.com.au and I chose to conquer the San Choy Bow, which we found to be a lot of fun and SUPER easy to create. We were actually the first to finish, when we thought hands down we would be the last!
I can cook but I wouldn't call myself a cook, yet I would have been more then happy to receive a dish like this at a restaurant -total chef in the making here :-P

Those packs you buy don’t have to create the exact thing on the packet, you can actually make so many different dishes and bases from those packs. For example the chilli con carne can be mixed with a few other items to create an amazing marinade.

I also learnt what is in the packets of some of the Continental range, and learnt for my family these packs work out so much better then having to purchase each herb and spice individually. Even better they are free from added MSG, which makes me want to go out and buy the whole range from Continental!!
Once all the dishes had been prepared the table was set and all the beautiful dishes were put down to try and sample. Well lets just say I will be working that meal off for the next two weeks haha, it was divine.

There was everything from Ribs, Tortilla stacks, coleslaw and so much more on that table J
So many laughs, a lot of knowledge and a full tummy came from my day with the Continental Cooking Class- I #Madefromscratch an amazing San Cho Bow dish, which I cannot wait to make for my family mmm..
Let me tell you cooking/cutting and trying to have a photo taken is a lot harder then it looks- I could have easily taken off my finger tips or worse... Burnt the dish we were going to serve up to the whole team!