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There is nothing better then fresh herbs straight out of the garden to add to cooking. But sometimes it is not possible or convenient to have fresh herbs on hand. I do have a vegetable patch, which mainly has herbs such as rosemary, Italian parsley, mint and basil.
Due to the weather my herbs have not been doing so well and haven’t been producing like they should. So I have had to turn to a lot more dried herbs. I have two large shelves filled with herbs and spices and love using them in my cooking to enhance the flavour.
But something about completely drying out herbs got me thinking, how much nutrients and goodness are taken out of the herb and how different the taste is.

I didn’t have to think for so long though as Gourmet Garden has created a new range of Semi-Dried Herbs.
You keep these in the fridge and they keep for about 3 weeks, which is a lot longer then fresh herbs and less then fully dried herbs but have the exact same taste as fresh herbs. You can instantly tell they are to completely dried herbs and just look, well kind of blanched.

 Gourmet Garden’s new Lightly Dried Herb range is a world first innovation, made with Australian organically grown herbs that are washed, roughly chopped and lightly dried (just enough) so that they stay fresh for four weeks once opened. The herbs also refresh full of flavour, colour and aroma in cooking, making them the closest thing to chopped fresh herbs. The unique process gives the herbs a longer shelf life which not only limits any wastage but also means herbs are on hand whenever you need them. Busy cooks can have a herb garden at your fingertips everyday!
The new range from Gourmet Garden includes a variety of lightly dried and roughly chopped herbs and spices including Parsley, Chilli, Basil, Coriander and Ginger. Ideal to sprinkle, garnish or stir into dishes such as pastas, curries, bolognaise, casseroles, stir fries and pizza Gourmet Garden will inspire you to make more of your meals.

Pasta is a big thing in our house and we make it once a week, either that or lasagne. And in both of them we love using basil, rosemary and garlic. So each and every dish of pasta we eat Gourmet Garden has helped to create it with those herbs.
I love these semi-dried products though as you can really taste and even smell the difference between the dried and semi-dried.

Gourmet Garden and I have teamed up and I have been given the opportunity to offer one of my lovely viewers a Gourmet Garden Semi-Dried Herbs with storage container kit.

All you have to do is tell us What dish you would create with the Gourmet Garden Semi-Dried herbs?
 The prize includes the full set of Gourmet Garden’s new Lightly Dried Herbs and recipe cards, presented in a handy fridge-door-friendly storage caddy. RRP $14.95.

Competition ends: 18th May 2014
One entry per person
Open to Australian Residents Only

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