Today I conquered the 1000 steps

Today (24th May 2014) is a day I will remember forever, for many different reasons.

A lot of my life self doubt and anxiety has been a killer, and holding me back from doing things I wish I could. So today I conquered a dream, and that was to take to the 1000 steps in Ferntree Gully (Dandenong Ranges.)

When I stepped foot out my car and reached those Kokoda Track Memorial Gates my mind took over and I started to not believe in myself. I thought I did not have a chance in the world at doing this. And what if I got half way or even a quarter of the way up and I couldn’t take it anymore, I would be stuck up there as there is only one way down- by foot!

There is a couple of KM’s of inclined walking before you actually get to the steps, but the scenery of the forest surrounding you takes your mind off it and you literally loose track of time and before I knew it we were at the stairs.

I took with me one of my highschool friends, as I thought it would be a cool thing to do together and hoping the our chats would take our mind off the challenge ahead.

I would not say I am fit as I have only been walking for 2 weeks and about an hour in total each day. And then of course I am doing my around the home workouts, so I thought I was going to be queen of struggle town.
At the base of the steps, I took the time to stretch my legs out. But more then stretch my legs I think I was mentally preparing and trying to pump myself up telling me I could do it…

Let me tell you I surprised myself at how well I actually went!! My highschool friend was a little unfit (and I don’t blame her, as she hasn’t done exercise since having her son over a year ago!) In the beginning I would stop with her and catch my breath, but I could feel my muscles tightening up. So when she would stop I would run ahead, do about 50 steps and then job back down to her, by then she was ready to push on.

Feeling the burn, but yet we pushed on through

I am not sure if I was running on pure adrenaline, or if I actually broke my mental barrier and my body KNEW this was something I had to do for me- for all those people that want to see me fail!

This was us girls after we had finished the 1000 steps, and I cant proudly say not a drop of sweat dropped from my skin, although I think my top and compression tights soaked a lot of it up. I was really happy, and feeling on top of the world- I had accomplished something for me- nobody else.

The amazing Magella Watch

Having done the 1000 steps in just over 40 minutes- official time in picture, if we weren’t stuck for time then we would have gone back up them! Unfortunately time was not on our side, so we couldn’t.

The steps are also something special to me as my grandfather fought in the war, and I remember him telling me how bad it was. I couldn’t imagine soldiers trekking in those muddy, wet conditions day and night, rain, hail or shine. And to boot they would be carrying guns, a huge backpack and footwear not cut out for the job, all the while dodging shrapnel. They are true heroes and after today I have even more respect for them and all they have done!!

I will be returning to 1000 steps and no matter what I don’t want to stop this time, and then the next time I want to be able to job both up and down them instead of just running all the way down to the bottom.