I took EHPlabs to the 1000’s steps in the Dandenong Ranges last weekend to really give it a run for its money. I have SOOO much energy now it is not funny and literally cannot sit still, I want to be doing something whether it is squats, walking, running and even cleaning the house (who would have thought!!)

I have not yet considered gym as I want to get my strength and fitness up at home first so I can smash it out at the gym and really get my monies worth. So instead I take to doing exercise around the home and even get the kids involved.
I will get two, two litre bottle and use them as my weights until I invest in some dumbbells and home weights, but for now until I build strength they do the job. I wont let myself go to the toilet until I have done 20 squats, which really does push the limits and makes me work for it. You will catch my squatting, crunching, planking and so many other exercises while watching TV- this has now been taken to new levels and I am LOVING life. I WILL be comfortable in my own skin, and will put in the work to get there.
This week with EHPlabs I want to touch base on the best and different ways of consuming the
EHPlabs OxyShred.

Shaken not stirred- In a Shaker
Most obvious way of consuming the OxyShred so of course this is the way a lot of people would consume it and is great to be able to throw it in a shaker and go (great for those on the run.) I personally love it this way as there is less chance of spillage and you can constantly shake the product up to get particles off the bottom and prevent the sweet punch at the end.

Stirred not Shaken- In a Glass
Not everybody owns a shaker, and some just don’t like using them and glasses work great for them. I actually find the OxyShred dissolves great in a normal cup and you just stir it up and drink, perfect for accompanying breakfast.  I do find though if you just try to drink it like this as you get to the bottom of the glass it becomes quite sweet so you do need to stir midway to ensure the OxyShred doesn’t concentrate at the bottom of your glass.

Other ways to consume this product-
I found out the other day that OxyShred makes my green shakes taste 1,000 times better and doubles as a great breakfast drink and also a thermogenic, a massive morning kick.
The other morning I had a smoothie for breakfast, some juice and  somehow I was meant to drink a supplement before all that- too much fluid for my liking! So what did I do? Threw it all into the Vitamix with ice and a dash of water, I then enjoyed eating my OxyShred in a slurpee/snowcone kinda way. This will be amazing when it comes to Summer!
So that is the ways I love to be able to consume my totally delicious EHPlabs OxyShred, now onto the Acetyl L-Carnitine.
I don’t like using this alone, and usually you wouldn’t have this by itself and it is best added to you OxyShred. It is a stack product, meaning it is meant to tag along with the preworkout/thermogenic you are taking. Simply add 3 micro scoops with your 1 scoop OxyShred. Once added to your OxyShred you cannot taste the different, but you can sure as hell feel it when working out!

Again the only negative with this product when having it in the glass is having to stir it up half way through your glass as you will get product left at the bottom and wont taste so great. Like I said above when I am sitting at home this doesn’t bother me, but if I am out or on the run in the shaker is best.
Other ways-
For me there is no real other way as if you use it in a shake or smoothie, your way to full to go work it out and will more then likely chuck your guts up. So I think it is best drank with a glass of OxyShred on workout days for the ultimate workout. Not only would you have to have this when working out though you could also take a scoop when you’ve hit the brick wall and looking for energy I do. Until my body get’s used to it though I do get the jitters and “buzz” but for me this is great to push me to work it off even more!
These are my personal opinions and how I enjoy my products and in different circumstances so think it is great to hear the ways you may take your products and how they leave you feeling J Love your thoughts and input!