EHP Labs in my weigh loss journey

Recently I had EHP Labs get on board with my weightloss rollercoaster. The reason why I call it a rollercoaster is not because my weight will be up and down (well I really hope not anyway) but due to the fact there will be good days and bad days. Some days I will be thriving and wanting more and others I know I will feel like it is all too tough and throw in the towel.

      EHP Labs were I brand I bumped into at the Fitness Expo here in Melbourne a couple of months ago. I was drawn to their stand not because of the semi-naked buff bodies there ( Ulisses Jnr and Max Philisaire) mmm, but it was actually the music and the big crowed surrounding it and lining up. Before the expo I had absolutely no idea on the fitness world and all the brands and supplements involved. I just thought these brands and products were for body builders and people looking to get ripped.. But then after some researching and speaking to people I found out that using them the right way will actually aid in you loosing those Kg’s.

EHP have sent me two products to get a real feel for and see what they are all about and how they work.  Each week I will be touching on different aspects of two EHP Labs products OxyShred and Acetyl L-Carnitine from my point of view.

This week being my first week I really want to touch base on how the products taste and what they are meant to do.

OxyShred Thermogenic $69.95 306g
Available in: Wild Melon, Pink Grapefruit, Guava Paradise and Kiwi Strawberry.

What does it do?
OxyShred is meant to be the most potent thermogenic fat burner ever developed and claims to be able to take your body to a new level of fat burning – “hyper-lipolysis”. Which basically means this fat is going to drop off you like sweat beads falling to the ground, lets hope so!! This would be the main reason lines at the EHP labs were huge. 

By reading this write up on their website I have no idea why I have not had this product in my life prior to the expo- or any person with a weight problem really!! This sounds like one of those products that are too good to be true, only I have dug around and found people that swear by this product. They have been massive and with a lot of hard work and OxyShred they are now half the size and even some a third. I will be happy to drink this every single day until I am happy with my Mummy body.

The directions tell you to take one scoop in the morning on an empty stomach and then another scoop on training days, but no later then 5pm. You just mix it with 240- 295mL’s of water.

Thoughts on taste
Kiwi Strawberry is the flavour I was sent to first try and looking at the list is probably the one I would have gone with. At the expo they were sampling the guava paradise I do believe and this was delicious so I had high expectations for the flavour of this product.  Opening the container the smell was amazing and I felt like just licking my finger and dipping it in like you would a jar of nutella. The way to describe this product is Wizz Fizz- it taste amazing!!!!

With 240mL’s of water I find this quite sweet, but with 300mL’s it is refreshing and I could happily sip away at this with no gagging or anything. I have a feeling I will turn to this product a lot just as a pick me up when I feel blehk- but I will get back to you on how it works in future posts.

Acetly L- Carnitine  $29.95 100g

No other flavours available.
Thoughts on taste
There is only one flavour with this product and this is SOUR! The less water you use the more your jaw will lock and up and sour warheads face comes out. I much prefer this in juice and don’t know how I would cope drinking it alone in water.
But for review purposes I did conquer the water and product by itself, it is fair to say it is sour. I had it with 300mL’s of water though after tasting it with a little water to get the proper taste. And the more water you add the less sour it gets and the easier it becomes to drink.

What does it do?
Acetyl-L Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that promotes the transportation of free fatty acids into the core of the cells, where they are burned off as energy rather then stored and onto your butt or thighs! Acetyly-L Carnitine also can help in assisting your muscles to recover after a workout or strenuous exercise.

Take 1-2 scoops with 295mL of water, fruit juice or other flavoured beverage of choice. Do not exceed 5 scoops in one day. You can also mix this in with your Oxyshred for a stack effect.

So this is just my initial review on tastes and thoughts on the products I have been sent out to try, and to assist in my weight loss goals. As I said above each week I will be touching on new things with these products and I will let you know how I am progressing with them and how well they are working with me and what I am trying to achieve.

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