My Weightloss Journey starts NOW!!!!

Here I am, as I stand today in my raw form- not hiding a single bump or lump. Am I ashamed of this body? Yes indeed I am, and over the last year I have actually learnt to HATE my body and what I have allowed it to come through poor diet and laziness.

I am in no way proud of this body, and a part of me wishes I was as after all it has house 2 babies and been through quite a bit- but that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Ok, I know posting this photo may disgust people and for different reasons. People might start telling me I am not fat, or they are way bigger then me. But here is why I consider myself fat and big.

Back before children I was a size 6-8 and 45-50kg’s which, to be honest now looking at it may have been a little too small. But all my life I have had a tiny figure and a body that just came natural to me without any hard work needed. Now after children my body has jumped to a size 12 and weighing in at 69kg’s****. I know no matter what I will never get my pre-mummy body back, and the pregnancy stretch marks I am proud of- after all I earnt these stripes! But I want to loose some weight, tone up and more then anything begin to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle my body craves.

In my weightloss journey, I am realistic and have set myself achievable goals. Each day for the first month I have set aside 10minutes to focus on a certain part of my body. Today it was legs and did about 50 odd squats, some with weights (boy do I feel it today.)

Every second day I want to be out walking and eventually work myself up to runs.

Once a week I want to go down to the pools as a family and then I will go off and do some laps and water yoga.

Within a year I hope to drop 15kg’s and more then anything feel healthy.

This is where healthy comes into it. My pantry has now been banned of junk snack foods and instead replaced with healthy alternatives. The fridge has been packed full of fresh produce and lean meat.

I will do this, I will achieve my dream and goals of a healthy Mummy Body J

So please join me as I explore the worlds of fitness and wellbeing and transform my body from recent to decent!

*** My scales were broken at first weigh in and I am actually 69.5KG