5 Star Locksmith Melbourne

A couple of weeks 5 star locksmiths contacted me and asked if there was any chance I wanted to review their service. I don’t think this could have come at any better time, as that weekend we were having a family friend put install our brand new front door. I purchased a door, the handle but no deadbolt so this worked out great.
Right on time our locksmith knocked on the door, and I think would have had to be the most polite gentleman I have ever dealt with. From the get go I was impressed, but no matter what I always have had a fear of a man being in my home while I am there alone.
I think from previous experiences I just don’t feel right about it and have always been taken for a ride. For example told something was wrong, and hundreds and even thousands of dollars later the problem was minor but I was taken for a joke because I was a women.
Well with five star locksmiths I was made to feel like I could get in there and help him, as he explained everything to me. Not once did he pick up a tool before consulting me and asking if this is what I wanted to have done etc.

Then once the work was under way and there was woodchips coming off onto the floorboards, he assured me that nothing would be left and he would clean any mess he made. He even went as far to tell me that he did a course on learning etiquette for working and cleaning up after you are finished.
We had a little problem with the door handle as my friend installed it upside down.. But the thing I loved most is this gentleman did not make things up or anything like that, he actually rang his senior locksmith to consult with him to find out the best way of going about it. Within 10minutes the senior locksmith was over and again he was extremely friendly and went into detail explaining things to me.
In the end we had to turn the handle up the right way as it just wouldn’t work the other way, but this meant that there was putty needed and some patching to be done. The whole time he was worried that I wouldn’t like the finish and kept making sure this was what I wanted, which I thought was very thoughtful.

Once the patch was made and the handle was fixed he gave me some sandpaper to fix the patch up once it dried- again VERY thoughtful. I would go as far to say the company name is PERFECT for the customer service and service in general I received- 5 star and even more!!
The handle drama was all over after an hour or so and it was onto the deadbolt, which no joke took about 20minutes to install and have operational. It was just that simple, and the chrome matched my handle perfectly!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and how I was left feeling after having 5 star locksmiths come to my house and fix my handle and install the deadbolt!! The area that had once been a mess was left completely CLEAN with not a speck of woodchips anywhere.
About five star locksmiths
Five Star Locksmiths provide mobile locksmith services to Melbourne CBD and most Melbourne suburbs, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Their friendly, highly trained technicians can provide all locksmith, locking, key and security services and we guarantee all of our work. Whether it’s your home, office, school, shop or car, Five Star Locksmiths can be relied upon for all your lock and security needs.
They are all professional locksmiths extensively trained with the latest equipment and technology. This means you get the best possible service.
And because they understand what it means to live and work within a budget they make sure you get the very best locksmith services at cheap prices.
Anybody who needs their door attended to or has a locksmith issue I would 110% recommend these guys. It is so easy to contact them via their website, which you can find the link below.