Getting Healthy and Fit- FLUSH FITNESS

As you may all be aware by now, I have set myself a goal to loose my Mummy body by April next year.
So as you know I am being realistic and not setting myself some goal that I will never achieve and will be a massive blow to my self-esteem. Instead I am aiming for something achievable and then may even be able to go above and beyond.
Basically I want to get the healthy Erin back. You know those ads with the healthier you in them.. Yeah that is me right now looking at the older me who would reach for a carrot or snow peas rather then the packet of chips or M&Ms like I do now. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to cut the things I love out completely and I will still sneak the goodies here and there, but I want to reduce the bad things that go in and replace them with a healthy alternative.
For me the biggest thing is going to be kicking my 2 cans of soft drink a day away… I will begin with cutting down to one, and then eventually cutting it out completely and maybe allowing myself to drink carbonated water or something instead.
Also I will be looking for some added help to get rid of this unwanted weight and fat and to help me I will turn to supplements and vitamins.

The first brand that has jumped on board with my journey and offered me support, guidance and some product is Flush Fitness. I first came across this brand at the Fitness Expo here in Melbourne, where my motivation to kick this weight actually came from. Flush fitness had a great stand with loads of their amazing brands there.

GreenTea X50

I instantly fell in love with the GreenTeaX50 which is a great antioxidant rich drink that helps to increase energy, stimulate metabolism and detox when combined with the right diet and training.
 I love the flavour and it gives me that same rush as a morning coffee only is the much healthier alternative. It actually has the benefits as 20 cups of green tea.

As of current I have been taking this product once a day for just over a week and I cannot explain to you how much energy this gives me, it is honestly my morning pick me up. The only thing I can speak negative about this product is that for 2 hours afterwards I am continuously running to the toilet to relief myself (number 1's) as it must be clearing all the stored fluids out of my body.

I was sent the sample pack which contains 2 flavours - tropical, raspberry and original. 
Raspberry is my favourite flavour as it is sweet and also gives me that sugar craving hit I am always craving for. 
The flavour that surprised me the most was the original green tea flavour as I don't like green tea one little bit. But this turned out to be quite enjoyable and I loved shoving a whole heap of ice in there and drinking it icy cold. 
BeautyTrim Liquid L-Carnitine

Then another product which I did not actually see at the fitness expo stand but one I instantly cracked open the seal and had a little taste test. I must say I love the fact that BeautyFit have put a better taste to L-Carnitine rather then the bland make you gag flavours. 

The flavour I was sent for trial is Wild Cherry, and if you love cherry I know you are going to love this one. 
I thoroughly enjoy putting 15mls into half a glass of water and drinking it.  I also add this into my raspberry GreenTeaX50 for an extreme berry blast flavour and makes raspberry taste even more delicious. 

Passionfruit and lemon ice tea flavours are also available, so there is no such thing as bland with this line! 

The BeautyTrim is going to be my stimulant free energy booster. I take this before doing exercise and my rest days I will take it for that little bit more energy (which even though I rest I need that energy as my body goes into sleep mode now when not active.) 
BeautyFit - BeautyBum

The bum I am currently sporting is nothing but beautiful, instead it is a big and unpleasant. So from BeautyFit I was also sent BeautyBum, which is a toning cream that is meant to minimize the visible signs of cellulite including bumps, dimples and bulging. 

Now this is going to have to be a miracle cream to hide these cellulite craters. I will however post a before and after image of one use of this and then after using it every day for a week, and we will see how well this stuff works.
Delicious Protein- Cookies n Creme

Delicious Protein is the first protein I will be trying out in my Mummy weightloss journey. 
I had no idea you could take protein to loose weight and thought it was for body builders looking to bulk up. Then I had a friend explain this is not the case, and will most definitely help you loose weight as it is good protein and low in carbs (which is the bad stuff.) 

I have never heard of a yummy flavour like Cookies n Crème in the form of protein powder. Again this was a product as soon as I received I opened and mixed it into my protein shaker- one word ; delicious! I could drink this all day long and not get sick of it. It is like a cookies and creme thickshake and does not have that bland protein taste, which is known with protein powder. 

I will keep you updated on my thoughts of these products and whether or not I see a change in my body and the way I am feeling. I might check back with you in 3 weeks and let you know.
But if you want to find more of the amazing range from flush fitness in the meantime just head on over