Air Wick Mulitcolour Silhouettes Review = LOVE

If we were to ever have a power outage in my house, we would be set. I actually prefer using candles rather then lights or lamps.
Since buying (well feeding) my candle addiction I have noticed our electricity bill has gone down (just a tiny fraction- ok maybe not but lets just roll with this story), and to be honest it is so much more relaxing then having a lamp or light on.

My lounge room is filled with candles and you will often find us eating at the dinner table by candlelight, the girls love it.
You will find an array of scents and brands, but my favourites due to the fact the are so affordable and keep my house smelling amazing is of course Air Wick.  Previously I have had the Multicolour Black editions on the blog, but have found something even better, if you didn’t see my previous post and want to learn about the black edition head HERE.
They have actually just released a new range of candles, well they aren’t completely new but instead have had a little makeover. I am talking about the Air Wick Mulitcolour Silhouettes $9.99
There are two different scents and silhouettes available at the moment, but as the season’s change and what not I can only see this range growing.

The first Air Wick Mulitcolour silhouette is the French Vanilla Romance.
Of course just by name of the product you could imagine what the silhouette looks like, romance in the park with two lovers, fountains and trees. 

I would have almost thrown the Eiffel tower in there as it is known to be a super romantic location.
Vanilla is a fragrance I have loved ever since I was personally able to do my own shopping and was a scent I would always opt for.
I initially thought that if it was in a dark room you would be able to see the silhouette on the wall but no matter how dark the room is or how close to a wall you put the candle it doesn’t reflect.
Then you have Air Wick Mulitcolour Silhouette Amber Mandarin Glow.

I could imagine this scent being in a beach house, and the scene on it also reflects that as well.
The image is of a couple riding bikes together by a lake, bay, beach or some sort of water with birds flying overhead and then there is the super adorable little sail boats on the water as shown above. Really pretty and looks perfect when it changes to the pink colour as it looks like a  Summer sunset.

Mandarin or orange has always been a Summer scent in this house, and I wont lie I do have my Summer scented candles and cooler month candles- just like my clothes my scents change over the seasons.
Hopefully this range will grow and I can introduce you to many more, and keep feeding my candle cravings J
For more information and to see Air Wick's full range just head to-