Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB Powder 5 in 1 Review

Eh Powder Shmmowder…. Is what you would have heard me saying this time last year. All I ever used to apply to my face was a primer and liquid foundation. I was never the one to use a powder on top.
Before this I did however use a powder here and there, but there was always a problem- photos. My face looked like I had dipped my face in white paint.
The flash used to reflect off my skin and make me look super pale. I have naturally tanned European/Kiwi skin and this did not help me one little bit!! So this is the reason why you wouldn’t catch me in a pink fit wearing a powder on my face.

Innoxa Skin Perfecting BB Powder 5 in 1
Available in 2 shades: Buff and Beige
RRP $26.95
But all that changed after receiving a good quality powder from a brand I love. Then Innoxa came out with this amazing Skin Perfecting BB Powder, which I just HAD to try out.
With the powder I currently use and love, I find myself having to really rub my brush into it to get product on it. There is no such problem with the Innoxa 5 in 1, I just gently tap on the pan with my brush and apply.

I was sent the buff as with my Autumn/Winter skin I tend to loose a lot of my colour and like my face to match my body. I will however be purchasing the beige when it comes back around to Spring/Summer.

Innoxa is very much a mid range product line yet you get some of the best quality products I have been able to find.
The beautiful lightweight powders help to improve skin texture with skincare caring ingredients. The   ultimate multi-tasking powder helps to:
·      Minimise skin imperfections
·      Reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores
·      Absorbs Excess oil
·      Ceooret Skin Tone
·      Calm and Sooth