My Breastfeeding moments, brought to you by Medela

Lung protectors, Frost detectors and high beam lights are just some of the words that are used to describe these juicy juicy mangoes sitting on my chest. For me though more then anything they are MY way of feeding MY kids- no longer a sexual pleasure but more a bonding experience for me and my children.

As you may all be aware, I am a young Mum and was thrown into the deep end in becoming a Mother and didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to when it came to Breastfeeding advice because I found it embarrassing and felt like I shouldn’t be talking about these things.
This was my first ever attachment with my first Hayley (21st September 2008)

I remember my first ever-negative experience with breastfeeding, and that was sitting in the Doctors with a scream 3 week old, who of course was screaming out of hunger. So I did what I thought was right and got my breast out and fed her. Initially I had a muslin wrap over my shoulder and feeding her, but this fell and I had my hands way to full to cover it up. I had a man across from me make a remark along the lines of- “ Cover that shit up, nobody wants to see that!” 
You know what I did? I detached Hayley of my breast and almost ran to the car (I would have to if I didn’t have a newborn in my hands) and when I got to the car I cried- and cried. I was mortified and so embarrassed I didn’t want to take my little girl out of the house EVER! 

From then on in with Hayley I just used to express milk at home and feed her with a bottle while out. This is where Medela was my savior. It was the closest thing to a baby suckling I could find and didn’t make me sore afterwards. It took 3 different brands of breast pumps before I found Medela.

Madison's first ever attachment (18th July 2011)

2 kids on and a few more to come I am more then happy to speak about them and brave getting them out in public. NO WOMAN SHOULD EVER BE AFRAID TO GET THEM OUT IN PUBLIC!! How would you like to sit in a toilet eating your three course meal? Or putting a blanket over your head while you eat cause- ain’t nobody wanna’ see that?! The amount of disgusting comments I have overheard people saying to a breastfeeding mother just appalls me and really sickens me. Those comments are the reason why Mother’s feel they have to hide.

It is ok for a male to go to the strippers and watch her flap her boobs around but it is not ok for a Mother to feed her baby in public? Why is this so wrong, why has this become such a thing?

So my advice for any Mother out there is do what makes you comfortable and not what society claims is right- if your baby is hungry feed him/her! And if your not completely comfortable feeding in public you can always try a breast pump like Medela and pump your milk and then bottle feed while out. The Medela teats make your baby work for the milk so they will think they are on the breast anyway.

Medela provides real solutions for breastfeeding mothers to get over any hurdles in the early days and to support their long-term breastfeeding goals. Through its extensive range of breast pump products and other breastfeeding products, Medela is committed to promoting the benefits of breast milk and encouraging long term breastfeeding.

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