My Body, My Challenge- Follow me as I kiss my Baby Body Bye Bye!!

Recently I have taken it upon myself to loose weight and get back to my pre-baby body before deciding on having another one as it would just be extra weight I would to loose.
I am not being ridiculous though and there will be no binge dieting from me, instead I will be taking baby steps and easing myself into things starting with walking and diet change.
Often as a Mum I take the easy way out and will opt for the pack of chips as a snack as I just cannot be bothered to find the time to cut up some fruit or vegetables, but all of that is about to change.
I have set myself a realistic goal of loosing over 10kgs in a year (no there is no actual set goal and once I hit 10kgs I will be happy and healthy and move up from there to keep fit.
This was only taken a couple of weeks ago. 
Before having children I was a size 6 and now after 2 kids my body has lumps and bumps where it shouldnt and I am not a size 10-12. I want to get back down to a size 8 and be healthy again- mmm maybe some toning back as well.
This was me before kids and the body I now long for.
Not saying I am not happy with my body as I know there are worse off then me and women with lots more to fight off, but I just want to become healthier and active more then anything.
So the walking started for me the other night and having a Lab puppy has helped to motivate me, because if he isnt walked then my backyard is ripped to shreds!
I will be documenting the changes in my body as well as the steps I am taking to make this happen. If I am confident enough I will also post progress shots, but at this stage the photos arent ready to go up