Motivation is my main weakness when it comes to getting fit and hitting the track or gym by myself. One thing that does push me through though and helps me immensely is listening to music full blast so the outside world is blocked out and I am put in my zone.
One of my pet hates when it comes to listening to music is the fact that those darn Apple headphones fall out or that cord annoys the heck out of my and tangles me up like a fish caught in a net.
So when Jabra told me of a great innovative product on the market I was more then keen to try out this product. The product is of course the:
JABRA SPORT WIRELESS+ Bluetooth headset
Available from: Dick Smith, JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Apple and selected Telstra stores.
Equipped with an in-built FM Radio, the SPORT WIRELESS+ Bluetooth headset delivers clear sound quality, optimum comfort and is weather-resistant, sweat-resistant and shock-resistant

This unit is designed to be comfortable and enhance your workout.  At first I had no idea why the songs I was listening to kept jumping, like that of an old-school diskmen. I then when on to find out this was because I had not fully charged the unit before using and the battery was running low. Once charged up and I used the arm strap there was no problem at all.

It also has a built in FM radio allow me to not have to carry a separate device to listen to the radio. And I don’t even have to carry my iPhone if I don’t want to. It is easy to operate as well with small discreet buttons on your ear.
The only negative I could find with the unit is when I am running it is very tricky to change the song and find the button, and puts you out of stride. Also the sounds is not very loud (as I like it so loud I cannot hear a thing), but this might be a safety feature for when you are out running on the road so you can hear your surrounds.
Weather-resistant, shock-resistant and sweat-resistant to US military-grade standards, the SPORT WIRELESS+ is designed to be used even in extreme conditions. Its Bluetooth wireless technology enables the user to pair up to eight devices to SPORT WIRELESS+ including smartphones and can connect up to two devices at the same time. For example, a user might pair the SPORT WIRELESS+ to his/her smartphone to ensure he/she doesn’t miss any important calls while at the same time streaming music from an iPod Touch.
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