WIN 1 of 4 Flutterbye Fairy's

You know that saying- Your mind is off with the fairies.. Well today that was the case. And it wasn’t only because I slept a measly 2 hours but it was also due to the fact the girls had a new toy to play with- Flutterbye Dance ‘n Fly Fairy RRP $14.99
Im not sure if you remember these, but as a kid this was one of my favourite toys to play with. In school we used to trade for a week with other girls just to be able to have a different fairy. They weren’t the actual Flutterbye Fairy though and were a different brand completely.
This is one of those toys you pull the string and the fairy will spin and fly up and then gracefully (and sometimes no so gracefully) fall back down to the ground.  But there has been a great improvement made to these fairies compared to those that were on the market when I was a child. The Flutterbye Fairy will magically dance and twirl across any smooth surface as she decends.

There are two sorts of fairies- Lilac and Posie, which each have their own perfume bottle to sit upon and be launched off from.

The girls played with their flutterbye fairy for at least an hour an a half and then after they were done launching her they took her to their dolly house.
It's an enchanting experience that brings the fantasy of fairies to life.
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Magical Flying Fairies
For centuries fairy lore has captivated young girls, leaving them wondering if fairies are real.  Now we know the magic is real!
If you would like to have a chance to WIN 1 of 4 Flutterbye Fairy’s all you have to do is tell me in 50 WOL-
We know there is a Lilac and Posie fairy but if you were to create your very own what would it colours be and name?
Competition open to Aus residents ONLY
1 entry per person
Competition Closes: 30/04/2014
Strictly 50 WOL
WIN 1 of 4 Flutterbye Fairy’s