In the kitchen: Annabel’s Family Cookbook

Lately eating the same food over and over has become a thing and if you ask me I am sick or stir fry and pasta… Getting bland and boring, but when it comes to dinner time I just cannot seem to find any inspiration and it turns out being a meal we already had last week, just because that’s all I could think of.

So when Annabel’s Family Cookbook arrived I was super excited to have a look and randomly pick a page, go buy the ingredients and cook that for dinner.
Annabel’s Family Cookbook $45RRP

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I have previously posted about cookbooks in this house on the blog. We like to play a game in this house, where we flick through the pages and just randomly stop- and then that is what we cook. Of course if it is not a dinner meal we try again. I head down to the shops and buy what we need to make this happen if we didn’t already have the items.
Annabel’s Family cookbook has beautiful images through out it that will be sure to get them taste buds working in overdrive and those mouths watering.

My favourite meal to cook from this book was Bow-tie pasta with peas and prosciutto. Although the kids did ask why the only vegetable their pasta had was peas, so for theirs I steamed up some frozen vegetables and mixed it through.
The kids favourite part of this book would definitely have to be the bakes and sweets section. They LOVED the red jelly and for a little bit of fun I thinly sliced strawberries and popped them on top.
What are your favourite meals to cook for the family?