Since being sent my first ever core collection pack from Real Techiniques I have been in love.  Before receiving these I literally had three brushes- one for eyeshadow, one for liner and the last was for everything else like bronzer, blush, foundation and anything else in between.
Now I have become obsessed and found I want a brush for everything. The only down side to this is the fact that it means a heck load more brush washing.
Real Techniques your base- flawless retractable bronzer brush $34.99

There are many reasons why this brush is better the rest. For starters it feels soft and silky on my face. Sometimes I have found brushes to be so hard and coarse on my face, it is horrible.

Then there is also the fact that it retracts stopping it from getting damaged or dirty in my bag. I find a lot of the time there is always a mess in my makeup bag due to dirty brushes getting excess on my makeup.

So easy to use and completely genius.
Real Techniques your base- flawless miracle complexion sponge $15.99

This one had me a little confused and wondered how this would be different from the other sponges I have used with only the difference in shape.
But immediately when I took it out of the packet I could feel it was different and was a different sort of sponge all together.

I do love the fact that it has different shapes on the end so you can easily work foundation and concealer into those hard to reach places such as your eyes.
Before having this sponge I would just use my hands, which would get foundation and fingerprints everywhere. Now that has all changed and I love this newbie from Real Techniques.
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