LeapPad2 Easter Holiday Entertainment

Well it is pretty fair to say these school holidays the weather in Melbourne has been horrible with the exception of one day where the sun showed its face.
This weather can result in some very bored kids and frustrated parents. I had so many things planned for the girls these holidays- weather permitting and of course as always Melbournes weather RUINED it!!
Thankfully LeapFrog has provided my bored children with hours of entertainment and education over the holidays. LeapFrogs LeapPad2 is fantastic and I can safely let me kids play knowing that they wont click on things and go onto things they are not aloud to.
Funtastic LeapPad2 Disney Princess Pack $169ea.
This pack is by far the best value for money and you get so many great bonuses inside.

Firstly there is the actual LeapPad2 device. I was umming and ahhing whether or not I should get the new LeapPad2, but luck was on my side and it was a decision I didnt have to make.  Hayley received the original LeapPad from Santa a few years ago, but it has become out-dated and the screen isnt very great. With the LeapPad2 the screen is so much more clearer then the first and of course bigger.
The cameras are also great quality, and you can actually see the images your taking a photo of with this one and it is not a blur.

So many great games you can get for the LeapPad2 and so many amazing features. Here are just some of the LeapPad2 features:
• Charge and go with a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter included. Get up to 9 hours of play time with each full charge!

• Create, learn and explore with the #1 kids' learning tablet. Now with an included one-step recharger pack—you’ll never have to buy batteries again!

• Features front-and-back cameras/video recorders, eReader, music player, motion sensor, 5" touch screen and 4GB memory.

• LeapPad2™ Power includes 9 apps (onboard and downloadable):  Photo Lab, Art Studio, Pet Pad, LeapFrog Learning Songs and more.

• Works with LeapFrog’s educator-approved library of over 500+ games, eBooks, videos and more.

• Compatible with LeapFrog Explorer™ cartridges and apps (sold separately) and LeapFrog LeapPad2™ accessories (sold separately).

• Ages 3-9 years
• Includes 1 year limited warranty.

Then there is a really durable Disney Princess case to store your Princess LeapPad in, which my girls love. Whenever they plan to take it out with them they always make sure the LeapPad2 is protected in this case. Sometimes you can spend a mini fortune on a good case for electronic devices so this was perfect.
Then you also get two pretty Disney Princess necklaces in there, which were hard to get off the girls. The first night Madison even wore hers to bed and fell asleep with it on. I did however go in there and take it off her as I didnt want her to choke herself in her sleep.
Last but not least you receive a $30 gift card to spend in the LeapFrog store on apps and games. With the $30 my girls purchased 2 games and the Frozen Story Book.

The Frozen Storybook has been perfect at night when the girls are restless as I tell them they can read this story and then it is time for sleep. Basically you can choose a setting that will read the story to them and highlight each word. Or alternatively the kids can press each word and the LeapPad2 will read it out to you in character voice.

I would have to say this has been the main lifesaver for this household for these Easter School Holidays, so thanks a HEAP LeapFrog J The girls have had so much fun all the while expanding their brands with the educational apps and games- I even went out and purchased a second one!
Recently they had a sale online and they were going for $103 but now they are only available in store for the usual price:http://www.target.com.au/p/leappad2-disney-princess-bundle/54909205