Disney Fun Zone

On Friday the family and I braved the rain and took to the streets of Melbourne. The girls love making trips to the city, as they get excited with the big buildings and amazing sites. I must say I am blessed to call Melbourne home!

But the reason for us hitting the city was for the VIP launch of the DISNEY FUN ZONE located at the Melbourne Star.

Right when we parked the car and began walking there, the rain decided it would let all fury let loose and we were drenched. Matt was beginning to think this was a bad idea, as he really does not like the rain. The girls on the other hand were in total disagreement with him as they were having a ball jumping in “muddy puddles like Peppa Pig!” The rain was short lived, but this did leave everything wet.

For us the gates opened at 10am, we arrived 15 minutes earlier so had a little ring toss with Woody and Buzz in the little area set up for that.

The girls then wanted a photo with Lightning McQueen.

The Disney Fun Zone is set up for the school holidays and is COMPLETELY FREE!!! You do not have to pay a penny, and can even visit the Melbourne Star which is right above you while there- this however costs.

So some of the things the girls enjoyed at the Disney Fun Zone include:

The Cars mini race track where the girls raced on the trikes, of course the competitive Hayley Maree won the race with Madison trailing behind for 4th.

Then it was off to get a pictured snapped with Mack the Truck from Cars. 
Hayley was nice enough to let Madison take first place on the podium- although this took a little convincing. 

Inside Mack there were two playstations set up where you could play the Cars game, but this did not interest the girls.

Their favourite place was the Frozen Karaoke- Once they heard 
Verity Hunt Ballard (Mary Poppins)
sing Let it go on the main stage, they were in the Frozen Zone.  

So the girls got all dressed up, warmed up their vocals and sang Let it Go to the best of their ability. Madison got stage freight and left Hayley to take the spotlight.

They did walk away wanting to take the costumes with them, so I will have to find out where I can but these.

There was so much more to do, such as many jumping castles set up, mazes, giant blow up slide but it was all still quite wet and the girls didn’t want to get cold and wet- which is unlike them. If you wanted something more laid back there was a blow up dome (movie cinema) with beanbags for the little ones to watch finding Nemo or you could explore into the Planes tent to watch the movie and have a badge made up. 

 I do believe if you are stuck on things to do these school holidays you should take a trip to the city and visit the Disney Fun Zone for hours of play and fun- plus it won’t cost your pocket a penny!