Easter with San Churro also WIN

Every year since having children we have never gone all out on Easter Eggs, as they get so many from friends and family. Not only that for the past 2 years we have attended the Good Friday Appeal Cadbury Family Picnic. Each year at the picnic the girls walk away with a bucket full of eggs from the hunt, and this keeps them satisfied and very happy- I am also pretty sure there are still some in the cupboard from last year.

So when it comes to Easter Day here, of course we keep with the tradition of Easter and the girls still believe he comes for a visit while they are asleep. But the Easter Bunny does it differently in our house. He is more about quality then quantity, and he does it in treasure hunt style.

The Easter Bunny (aka Me) leaves hints in different places, like that in a treasure hunt. The girls cannot read yet so I use images to describe where the eggs have been left. All up I like to use about 5 clues and each clue comes with a little egg each and then at the end there is a hamper for the girls to share. This year some amazing surprises have been supplied to us by San Churro.
So this year it lead the girls to:
The Lounge

The laundry

The girls room

The Bathroom where the treasure was found in the bathtub.

As you can see I fold the clue so the first thing they see if the EYE, SPY. 

Then when they unfold it they see and image where the clue could be. If they cant find it though I fold the corner up and draw the item, which is concealing the next clue- so pretty much the answer.

This year we were lucky enough to have been able to use San Churro goodies for the hunt and there was even a surprise there for Mummy and Daddy, which the girls thought was nice J  And I know I will think that’s nice when I settle down to my cup of San Churro Hot Chocolate. MMMmm.
So the eggs that were used in our treasure hunt from San Churro were:
San Churro 500g Felices Pasquas Smiling Chocolate Bunny (for Hayley as she is older.) $34.95

San Churro 200g Felices Pasquas Smiling Chocolate Bunny (For Madison as she is only 3.) $14.95

San Churro Choc Cross Buns, which has 9 eggs inside for both the girls, Daddy and Mummy to share. $18.95

San Churro 150g Chocolate Egg- for the girls to share as they are super good at this.  $9.95
San Churro Truffle Egg Trio- One For MAddy, Hayley and Daddy as Mummy isn’t big on truffle. $8.95

San Churro Large Hamper which contained: San Churro mini block of chocolate, San Churro dark mini chocolate bar, catànies dark chocolate & coffee, Spanish hot chocolate mix, 2 cup and saucer sets in the San Churro colours, cubitas- little cubes of chocolate truffle and then a full size chocolate bar 32% cocoa.  $79.95

Our verdict on San Churro Chocolate- absolute DELISH and the Spanish Easter Bunny should come and visit our house EVERY SINGLE YEAR- YUM!!!

 3B's and San Churro have come together to be able to offer one of 3B's viewers the chance to take out a pack exactly like the one shown in this post. The package will come after Easter so it will be a delicious surprise. 

All you have to do is tell me in 25 WOL- What is your Favourite thing about Easter? 

One entry per household
Competition ends 26th April 2014 
Open to Australian Residents only
There will be only 1 winner. 
I will handpick the winner myself :-) 

You can find all these goodies and so much more at: