The Cabbage Patch Kids- Glow Party Dolls

Hayley has just started school so she is yet to have any friends over for the night. But she will be having her best friend stay the night in a couple of weeks (on the Easter holidays.) So I have begun planning some sleepover games and treats for them.
I remember as a kid it meant staying up to all hours of the night, even when goodnights have been said and we were tucked into bed. As soon as that door closed it was all fun and games, then if you heard footsteps you would stop and jump right into bed and pretend to be asleep.
Lets hope this is not the case with Hayley as I will be setting up a little cinema in the lounge with popcorn and treats and beanbags- hoping this will wear them out and settle them down, although I don’t like my chances.
Then when the lights go out and they jump into bed I will be introducing the girls to their newest sleepover buddy who will keep them company during the night and will provide some fun until shut eye.
Her name is Emma Lexi and she is apart of the Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party babies. So everybody please meet the beautiful Emma-
Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party Kids

RRP: $69.99*

From all major toy retailers and other independent toy stores across Australia Available: April 2014

I was delighted to receive Emma Lexi for review purpouses and then was stuck just staring at her wondering why she reminded me of somebody… Then it hit me; Emma looks exactly like my best friends daughter Niahbella. Dark hair, blue eyes and the cutest little face.
I love the fact that The Cabbage Patch Collection has become apart of todays household as I remember it being a childhood favourite of mine. My mum raised me as a single mother so we never got the coolest of things and expensive toys. I remember being a child about 9 and opening this large Christmas present at my Nonna’s house only to find a Cabbage Patch Kid- this would turn out to be a doll that never left my sight!
These new release Cabbage Patch Kids are super sweet and a great idea for those kids that are still a little funny about the lights out at bedtime. When it’s time for bed and the lights go out, their pyjamas and sleep masks glow, keeping you feeling safe and sound.

All you have to do to activate the glow-in-the-dark feature hold 15-12cm from light for around a minute.
Just like the original Cabbage Patch Kids, each Glow Party Kid comes with the traditional baby powder scent, a unique one-of-a-kind name, adoption papers and Birth Certificate.
Here are some of the other beautiful girls from the range: 

This is of course not all of them but these are my favourites and the other two girls I will be introducing to our collection.

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