Rainy days, equals lots of time to play

There is nothing worse then having the kids stuck in the home while the rain pours down outside. My girls are still running around the home in their pyjamas while we have the heater cranking.

It is the first week of school holidays and so far all we have seen here in Melbourne is cruddy rain!! I don’t mind when it is cool as you can rug the kids up but when it is wet, going out is not an option.

The only thing that is loving this rain is the plants. I must admit is has been a very dry couple of months lately and the backyard has been hating on us.

Trying to figure out some good indoor activities that will keep the kids entertained over these school holidays, which are meant to be wet could be quite a challenge.

I have found a few products that have provided us with some entertainment, education and also a time to rest for poor Mummy.

What things do you do in and around your home to keep the kids entertained on rainy days?