Klara Kiss Proof Lipstick Review

Kissing, Kissing and more Kissing is what goes on in my house on a daily basis. But one thing both the girls dislike and also my partner is when I go to kiss them and leave my mark… I remember getting kisses from grandma and being left with red lips on my cheek that was quite embarrassing when you look back on photos and every single one of them has been cheek branded.

So I set out on a mission to find a lipstick that didn’t budge when kissing and was totally kiss worthy. I found this product while exploring Salon Melbourne a few weeks back. There was a beautiful stand with amazing products that I could have spent a fortune at, this was of course Klara Cosmetics. The stall was buzzing and you just could not fit anymore people in there, which tells you it is a good line of cosmetics to be using.
Here is where I first set eyes on the

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips $29.00
The packaging and actual product looks a lot like the Klara Lip Glass only when you put the kiss proof on and it dries it sets very matte.
If matte isn’t you thing though you can easily put your own balm or gloss over top and have the kiss proof as the base, as it just wont budge.
The two wonderful shades I was sent were the Watermelon Kiss and Passion Pink. I adore pink shades on both my eyes and lips, so for me these two were the perfect fit.

The way you get that colour popping lips is because the Kiss Proof formula consists of 100% pigmentation. And I wont lie this kiss proof is extremely hard to get off at the end of the day so it wont budge while kissing.
This is the easy application brush, but if you don't like using that like me then you can always use a lippy brush for my precise application.

A product I found to work best at getting the colour off your lips is an oil based eye makeup remover- comes off a lot easier then the other products I have tried.
So why not get some Kiss Proof on your lips and kiss away- I know I will :-)